Monday, November 3, 2008

Small Merch update!


A short little post linking to my Flickr page (pics are just too big to resize and still maintain quality), so I am sharing my small merchandise update with you.

Flickr link

Exciting news on my part, my Tohsaka Rin Figma arrives tomorrow~
Yes, the 3 month long wait has gotten to me but, It will not control me XD

Do you ever find yourself totally giddy near the time of your merchandise arrival?

Well that ends this post,

'Til next time,


JF said...

There is a part of me that always gets excited when I find new boxes waiting for me. :3

It's fun to open up merch, and I can't even hold myself back long enough to take a picture of the boxes.

suki said...

@ jf.
I agree!
Normaly I like to savour the moment but, opening the package is much like setting a cat on a mouse XD

Q said...

I used to get very excited when something is about to come, but nowadays I tend to get too preoccupied to think about it, and as a result they came without me realising it's time already...

suki said...

@ q. Interesting D: Maybe I should keep myself exra busy then! XD

Anonymous said...

Your Paprika 2DVD set looks neat compared to our German counterpart.Well we get some Characterdesign prints with it tough^^

Id kill for the Excel Saga Collection.Its nearly impossible to get ahol of it for a reasonable price.

Id like to take a closer look at the Strike Witches Gashapons ^_^

Btw:Blowfish here! Stupid OpenID wont accept my Wordpress account :/

suki said...

@ dackle03. Thank you for visiting my blog m(_ _)m
I think you're luckier to have prints of the characters! Definitely very well designed, IMHO.

Lolols, If it's cheaper here maybe I should buy one your place?
Never tried it before ^^;

I'll be making a Photo Studio (cardboard box) so, definitely expect new piccies of them (b^o^)7