Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aria brings happy tears TTvTT [possible Aria the Origination Spoilers]



Having just completed Aria the Origination, episode 9.. I am both shocked and joyful! (Still have a few more eps and then the next series >.<) I've always had Aria in mind as one of my top anime and manga. The uniqueness of a slice-of-life show with a very different side of storytelling, beautiful music and lovable characters. [After getting the Aria episodes at the LAN, I can finally watch Aria completely ;_;]

The Aria series started as a manga in 2001 by
Kozue Amano. Kozue-sensei has always possessed the great ability to communicate directly to the reader, using both pictures and words to open the door to a new world. This level of creativity, detail and sincerity has earned sensei a great name in the anime and manga world.

The manga has been published in two sections:



There are three anime series at current:

Aria the Animation

Aria the Origination

Aria the Natural

Other forms of media have been produced:

Aria drama cd collection

Another part of Aria's popularity is the music used within.
The soundtrack is composed by Senoo Takeshi, who is also known for the music in Himawari! and it's second season Himawari!!

Artbooks, figurines, plushies, wristbands and other merchandise has also been made, although some would be hard to locate due to its high demand.
It must be noted that due to it's storytelling technique and pace, Aria may stir very different feelings in its viewers.

For those of you who are fans of the anime, manga and drama cd's, please share your thoughts and if you'd like, pictures of your merchandise m(_ _)m

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puppy52doll said...

love the adorable image for this post!

5NAKE said...

Great stuff Suki. I heard kAt also loved Aria as well! :D

Phenie said...

Hum, I watched the first Aria series and enjoyed it, and then started the 2nd but it seemed a bit less enthralling... never got that far into it, maybe 3 or 4 episodes.

Liked the whole concept behind it though, perhaps I should give it another try... cursed lack of time...

suki said...

@ puppydoll52. Domo arigato ^-^
I found it on the Aria image board >.<

@ 5nake. Thank you for commenting on my blog
m(_ _)m

Yup, it seems that between kAt and I, we both enjoy this series XD

@ phenie. The pace slows down in Natural (2nd one), so.. when you have time and deiced to finish it, I think you may enjoy the 3rd series (Origination). ^o^

I think there needs to be more time in the day for ones hobbies ^^;

5NAKE said...

@suki. You very welcome! :D Its the least I can do since Im checking your blog out every now and then. ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally feel you Suki. Aria does bring happy tears. I found myself a tad teared eye every few episodes.

When I was watching the series, I had the generalization that if everyone in the world watched Aria, the world peace wouldn't be to far off the horizon.

suki said...

@ soulfringe. Thank you for commenting on my blog
m(_ _)m

I agree with you 100%
I think that there's a lot more to learn from Aria than just 'the value of friendship' ^____^