Monday, November 24, 2008

LAN | Fate/Stay Night | Late Nights are Back!


This is a little post revolving around the LAN I had attended over Friday and Saturday. It was a three day event but, due to certain family matters I could only stay for two days.

The LAN, known by the name 'Organised Chaos' spans three days, is currently hosted in an indoor stadium and the capacity is around 600 people.
As mentioned, this is a three day LAN; Most people end up staying the full three days loaded with pc and sleeping resources.
This being my first LAN of this level, I decided it would be best to stay.

My computer being upgraded earlier in the week, I was ready to take on some quality games!
The first few hours of Friday were mostly taken as time to set up (dc++, anti-virus, game setup etc) and once we covered that, it was merely a matter of hosting or joining a game.
As the programme dc++ was available to us, we also shared/leeched while playing... or some just leeched ^^;
The event took shape early on and the gaming was getting good.

At this I decided to play some Unreal Tournament 3. Thankfully, I am familiar with the interface of this game, so it was kind to me in that respect.
The opponents were unforgiving and neither was I, Unreal was a good place marker and proved that even being rusty you can still own some XD

With Saturday closing in, other games were added to the plate.
COD4, Soulstorm, Half Life... between these there, I learned to play games I've never had the opportunity to become familar with.
It's certainly harder when you barely know of the controls but, gaming is kind in that respect.
Soon, I managed to own some so that was joyful feeling ^-^

My time ended by bidding farewell to my friends, promising to return at the next LAN and hopefully proving to be an even better challenge next time.

One of the 'great get' from the LAN was the Fate/Stay Night game!
It certainly saved me the long, hard process of getting it myself ^^;
After managing to play through the prologue (which was rather long, mind you), I came to the conclusion that this game has been improved from the presentation of Tsukihime.
Animated scenes, music room, more save slots, better interface, different perspectives, added comment box for saves ...
Fate/Stay Night is by far the better quality doujin game that I have played. It really delivers on a professional level, in my belief.
Though I've just played the prologue I'm certainly enjoying this game so far, among my other batch of games XD

Finally, as a result of all this excitement... my late nights are back.

How do you react when you have LAN, anime, games, manga, firends to 'distract' you?

That end's this post
'Til we next meet,


Anonymous said...

Ahhh...LAN Events are still used for exchanging games ^^

Yeah the Prologue is rather long....Just wait until the scene where they hide from Berserker and need to resupply Saber with Energy >_< Awkwaaaaard!!

I really enjoyed how they made the static images more dynamic with the zooms and cuts.Overall im enjoying the VN more than the Anime

suki said...

@ dackel03. Indeed they are! There are games that are just too hard to come by and LAN's are the only place, sometimes >.< (Like Portal)

I agree, the previous static images present in Tsukihime can't compare to Fate/Stay Night's attempt.
^^; I'll be on my guard for the awkwardness...
The VN surpasses the anime... it's richer ^^

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time ^_^

Just wish we had that kinda thing around my part o' the globe.... ^^;

suki said...

@ burfordus. Thank you for visiting my blog m(_ _)m

I''m sure such events happen but, they may be hidden?

ecchiprincess said...

Sounds fun ^^ The longest time i spent in LAN with my friends was only 6hours. 3 days is unimaginable @_@ Don't forget to let your eyes rest for now XD

suki said...

@ ecchiprincess. Thank you for commenting on my blog m(_ _)m

Hm, this was my first 'big LAN' as well XD
My eyes have rested and now, I'm back to the gaming ^^;
I guess we're all like that >.<

Persocom-san said...

sounds pretty cool, never been to such a thing before myself, and I'm not sure I could pull off 3 days, in fact i'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to.

suki said...

@ Persocom-san. A friend of mine made abet that if I feel asleep (as in Knocked out asleep), he wouldn't be too surprised.
In protested against that, saying that I would manage, he'd have to buy me coffee if I was right XD

I ended up having coffee the Saturday morning, lolols.

Moral of the story, don't cut yourself short! ^-^
But, if you feel you can't cope and you're sure of it, it's better to take a nap ^_~