Friday, November 7, 2008

Anime Oops part.3 | Fate/Stay Night Patch Out | Figma fangirlism


It has been quite some time since a new segment of 'anime oops' so, I finally present one.
Upon the release of the full Fate/Stay Night by mirrormoon
I decided to rewatch The Fate/Stay Night anime while I wait for the game to 'arrive'.
Here's something strange and very likely, a deliberate additition

The image can be enlarged, so if you can't see anything no worries!

Finally, since my Rin Figma arrived (and Shinki), I have been fangirling over them!
The joints which put me off before is now a new moe~
So small and easy to carry, posing and acting scenes out... MMS and Figma ranges are now within my interest!

Wells, this end this post
'Til we next meet,


Anonymous said...

Ive been watching the Anime right before i started playing the Game and i love it so far.The only awkward thing are the H-Scenes in my opinion.They seem so out of place...Character Behavior changes...ah well ill live with it ^^
It was so funny that i exactly knew where the scene will take place while watching the Anime because it was so obvious :D

Ahh Youve bought a Shinki?Wich one?
Im playing Battle Rondo atm and totally suck at it.After Class B it went straight to EX for me.Oh well thats bound to happen when youre using the free shinki i guess

Q said...

Where's that in the anime? I don't seem to recall at all...

suki said...

@ dackel03. Wow, you're the second person to mention the awkward/out-of-place eroscenes in Fate/Stay Night...

I bought the Strarf Shinki, she's so adorable >.<
Even my Mom likes her XD
I'm still 'getting' Battle Rondo at the moment... times like these I really hate my slow connection.

@ q. It's in the first episode, 5:07 seconds.

Snark said...

Been thinking of watching Fate/Stay Night anime for the longest time, but I keep putting it off -_-

How is it? Any good?

Also, what the hell does Fate/Stay Night even mean?

suki said...

@ snark.
Thank you for commenting on my blog m(_ _)m

Fate/Stay Night is pretty good, the characters are lovable and well designed, the music is good and the scenes are pretty easy to follow.

As for quality of storyline, I'll let you judge that. I'd be biased >__>