Monday, August 25, 2008

Anime Oops! part.2 | Preorder confusion


Today, I present another 'Anime Oops!' entry. As I was not feeling very well this weekend, I decided to catch up on some anime. Strange enough, I discovered that I haven't seen before...
I just had to share it!

The following scenes are taken from: Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, episode 6.
[Clicking on images allows you to enlarge them]

Picture 1

As you can see, Both Misa and L from the Death Note series appear on screen briefly. Intentional or Error?
Either way, animators certainly have a lot of fun while they work.

Picture 2

In this case, I belive that the spelling error noted here is an actual 'oops!' as opposed to it being intentional. The subtitles clearly indicates the correct word, while the anime does not.
Anime Oops, discovered and caught!

On another note.
Preorders have been made and with the wait, is an urge to buy even more figurines... T_T
It's so hard to choose...

How do you choose which figurines to order next?

That ends this post.
Until we next meet,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Strike Witches


A long overdue posting from me, I apologise for that. Below is a review of sorts, the focus being Strike Witches.

Spawning from the creative drawings of Shimada Humikane (Webpage), Strike Witches began as a manga in Comp Ace in 2006. The manga was cancelled after three chapters.
Later, in October 2006, a light novel was born and is still running today.
With an interest still held, an OVA running at 9 minutes was released in Januray 2007, foreshadowing a longer, story-driven series.
As promised, the Strike Witches anime started it's run in July this year.

If anything could be based off the 9 minute OVA, Strike Witches promised to be warm, miltary/mecha anime. Character bonds like those of family, action packed scenes of the 501st squad raging against the Neuroi...
What has been presented for now, however, is a light-hearted, military/mecha anime with fanservice.

The appeal of
moe anthropomorphizations of military planes and cute characters proves to be an interesting combination. There have been many takes on which Strike Witches release to follow (manga, novel or anime) but, it really depends on what you find interesting.

Here is a list of what each release contains, a slightly biased view, if you would like:

Novel: Strike Witches Suomus Iran-ko [Chuutai Ganbaru (1), Koisuru (2), Hajimeru (3)] - Ongoing
Set after the Karlsland invasion, this book focuses on the 'troublemakers' that are sent to Suomus to assist in their fight against the Neuroi.
More action packed than the manga, so you can't go wrong.

Manga: Strike Witches Soukuu no Majo-tachi - Cancelled

Strike Witches Tenkuu no Otome-tachi - Ongoing
Similar take on the anime storyline, Yutaka gets drafted into the Strike Witches unit but, instead of Sakamoto Mio being in charge of the decision, F/L Takei is in charge of this decision.
The pace of the story is quicker than the anime, but not as action packed just yet.

Anime: Strike Witches (tv anime) - Ongoing

Focusing on the 501st squad at the frontline, Britannia. Each episode highlights a character, their past, goals, life and interaction with the rest of the squad.
Filled with action, fanservice and moe anthropomorphizations of military planes, not much to hate there.

Other merchandise:
Today marks the release of the Strike Witches Opening and Ending cd. The famed 'uncut dvds' are set to release on these dates:

~Strike Witches Original Soundtrack
Release: 2008/09/24
~Strike Witches Character Song Collection
Release: 2008/10/08
~Strike Witches 1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/09/26
~Strike Witches 2 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/10/24
~Strike Witches 3 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/11/28
~Strike Witches 4 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/12/26
~Strike Witches 5 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2009/01/22
~Strike Witches 6 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2009/02/27

Both the limited edition dvd and regular dvds are to be released on the same day.
Each Limited edition box includes: 2 episodes, music cd and a colour illustration booklet.

[Information from CD Japan - Strike Witches listing and Strike Witches Wiki]

That ends this post; I do hope that it was informative. Do expect 'reviews' like this in future, if there is room for improvement in this post, please let me know.

Till we next meet,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Figures | Preorders | Heavy Metal

A simple and unplanned post for today.

After reading several blogs (which includes Danny Choo's page, perhaps the most XD), I have embraced my figure-otaku side.
Truth be told, Figures did not entice me as much before but, then I did not know much about anime or manga at the time.
Now that I am more aware of certain matters, I am willing to spend money on figurines as their value means a lot to me.
The time and effort needed to create a figurine is not realised by many. Figurines and Plamo are shunned as simple 'kids toys'.

There is a certain charm and value that a figurine and gunpla has that a toy will never attain.
For those interested, I have preordered these two figurines:

~ Fate/Stay Night: Rin Figma (Max Factory)
~ Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu: Nagato Yuki Guitar-Wizard version (Max Factory)

I am counting the days before the arrival... it is oh-so-painful to wait ;_;

Deviating from the above content slightly, last night I took time out to enjoy an interesting animated film. The title was "Heavy Metal". As a Metal fan, I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of names such as Black Sabbath, Devo, Riggs...
The animation was brilliant, a gem for it's time. Featuring the first animated scenes of perspective flying, incorporating multimation, challenging the norms, metal music as the score, staying true to the original illustrators’ works...

Truly, a great movie.
I do recommend this title to anyone who can appreciate the above.

That ends this post. I do hope that this can be informative and enjoyable to those reading, I try to have variety in my posts.
Though, even If I am the only one reading this, I do enjoy the experience of blogging and I shall continue as long as I am inspired.

Till we next meet,

Friday, August 8, 2008

Anime Oops! part.1


Bored or sharp-eyed.... watching an anime episode can deliver some startling scenes and images. These scenes are either accidental, humourous or for advertisement. To Otaku, these are seen as entertainment, mostly.

Below are two images that I discovered last night.
Picture 1

Picture 2

As you see, Mizuki's sneaker suddenly changes into the standard school shoe. Intentional or not?
Have you ever discovered moments like this?

That ends part 1 of 'Anime Oops!'

Till we next meet,


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cleaning part.1


I return after being ill for a few days, so do expect a few posts with this change ^-^

That said, this post is a simple 'Life' post... as I wouldn't have encountered much during my time off XD

In the time off, I had managed to catch up with a few pastimes that I have not indulged in for quite some time. Gaming, movies and strange enough.... helping my brother clean his room.

The game I tried my hand at was 'Mass Effect'. I had caught whim of this title before but, never bothered with it much. After playing for a bit, it seems like a promising title.

There are many types of movies available but, over this resting time were mostly documentary-type movies. While this may sound bland, these are best as they help us to think about world-wide issues which may never have crossed our minds before... a mental cleansing of sorts.

Finally, I assisted my brother in cleaning a part of his room. We are quite close as siblings; we’re not far in age either (just less than 2 years apart). I was surprised at the amount of foreign objects that lay in his bedside table.

It was amusing and we spent a good deal of out time laughing at each 'foreign' object that appeared in the fray. Between that, we discussed the content of the movies we had just seen.

Here is a picture of the bedside draw containing the mess XD

A Flickr link is provided below (link contains notes with item names):

In the end, we found that cleaning was just another way to calm ourselves and have fun ^-^

Till we next meet,


Friday, August 1, 2008

Mecha Musume Photo Shoot|Akiba launch


Sadly, the Haruhi Nendoroid wasn't available but, I chose these while I waited. I'm pretty pleased at the ones I had gotten though, I may consider buying more than of them in future as they’re pretty cheap and quite cute :3
I admit that I've been acting little scenes out with them *^-^*

The lighting isn’t the best but, please enjoy them nonetheless:

[Click for full size images]

Today marks the launch of another (local) online store. My concerns of bootleg merchandise has been lifted, all I need to be assured of is valuable service and then I’ll be able to use this supplier!