Monday, August 25, 2008

Anime Oops! part.2 | Preorder confusion


Today, I present another 'Anime Oops!' entry. As I was not feeling very well this weekend, I decided to catch up on some anime. Strange enough, I discovered that I haven't seen before...
I just had to share it!

The following scenes are taken from: Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid, episode 6.
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Picture 1

As you can see, Both Misa and L from the Death Note series appear on screen briefly. Intentional or Error?
Either way, animators certainly have a lot of fun while they work.

Picture 2

In this case, I belive that the spelling error noted here is an actual 'oops!' as opposed to it being intentional. The subtitles clearly indicates the correct word, while the anime does not.
Anime Oops, discovered and caught!

On another note.
Preorders have been made and with the wait, is an urge to buy even more figurines... T_T
It's so hard to choose...

How do you choose which figurines to order next?

That ends this post.
Until we next meet,


Persocom-san said...

I notice stuff like that Misa and L thing seems to be increasingly happening in anime these days. I have the same problem with pre-orders. I have a hard time keeping track of all mine, and sometimes the money in the bank drastically takes a hit. Have you been to ? It's a good way to keep track of your owned/ordered and wished figures. That's how I keep track of mine.

gemini said...

I guess you take your gaming as serious as I take my running :-)

suki said...

@ persocom-san. Seems like the animation companies like their subliminals >.<
Thank you for the link ^o^
It is a great help!

@ gemini.You could say that :3
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Q said...

I can understand how the "route" typo comes about. They use the British pronounciation which sounds like "root", and in katakana it is pronounced as "roo-to". Hence the mistake. I still have yet to watch Death Note actually T_T...

I've got very few figures as I don't really collect them, and most of them are acquired via auctions. Only take real notice of them after they're released then my mind decides whether I will take a liking of them or not, and by that time it's usually too late lol.

suki said...

@ q. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
Ah, I didn't think of the Katakana pronunciation.. thank you for enlightening me. Then again, you can tell that I'm only starting to learn Katana ^^;
I have yet to see Death Note as well but, as I know how it ends (silly spoilers).. I haven't been as excited.

I have 11 figurines now, and I don't see myself stopping until I run out of space. I do buy ones that I really like or am familiar with, so I understand you in that respect.