Friday, August 1, 2008

Mecha Musume Photo Shoot|Akiba launch


Sadly, the Haruhi Nendoroid wasn't available but, I chose these while I waited. I'm pretty pleased at the ones I had gotten though, I may consider buying more than of them in future as they’re pretty cheap and quite cute :3
I admit that I've been acting little scenes out with them *^-^*

The lighting isn’t the best but, please enjoy them nonetheless:

[Click for full size images]

Today marks the launch of another (local) online store. My concerns of bootleg merchandise has been lifted, all I need to be assured of is valuable service and then I’ll be able to use this supplier!



Anonymous said...

Ooh, awesome figs :D. And I saw that Miku figs, and I really really want both of them T_T. Not that I have enough money T__T.

suki said...

Domo desu ^-^
I love my figs.. and I'm itching to buy more even though I'm still waiting on my pay ^^;
*sigh* It's sad, isn't it?

Miku Nendoroid is kawaii ^o^

Spectacles said...

I gots a Musume fig too! Yay! Theyre pretty huh?

Snow X

suki said...

@ Spectacles.
I agree, they're pretty ^-^
Sadly, I am holding the possibility of getting duplicates heavy in my heart XD
I'm up for trading, if you're interested?