Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Strike Witches


A long overdue posting from me, I apologise for that. Below is a review of sorts, the focus being Strike Witches.

Spawning from the creative drawings of Shimada Humikane (Webpage), Strike Witches began as a manga in Comp Ace in 2006. The manga was cancelled after three chapters.
Later, in October 2006, a light novel was born and is still running today.
With an interest still held, an OVA running at 9 minutes was released in Januray 2007, foreshadowing a longer, story-driven series.
As promised, the Strike Witches anime started it's run in July this year.

If anything could be based off the 9 minute OVA, Strike Witches promised to be warm, miltary/mecha anime. Character bonds like those of family, action packed scenes of the 501st squad raging against the Neuroi...
What has been presented for now, however, is a light-hearted, military/mecha anime with fanservice.

The appeal of
moe anthropomorphizations of military planes and cute characters proves to be an interesting combination. There have been many takes on which Strike Witches release to follow (manga, novel or anime) but, it really depends on what you find interesting.

Here is a list of what each release contains, a slightly biased view, if you would like:

Novel: Strike Witches Suomus Iran-ko [Chuutai Ganbaru (1), Koisuru (2), Hajimeru (3)] - Ongoing
Set after the Karlsland invasion, this book focuses on the 'troublemakers' that are sent to Suomus to assist in their fight against the Neuroi.
More action packed than the manga, so you can't go wrong.

Manga: Strike Witches Soukuu no Majo-tachi - Cancelled

Strike Witches Tenkuu no Otome-tachi - Ongoing
Similar take on the anime storyline, Yutaka gets drafted into the Strike Witches unit but, instead of Sakamoto Mio being in charge of the decision, F/L Takei is in charge of this decision.
The pace of the story is quicker than the anime, but not as action packed just yet.

Anime: Strike Witches (tv anime) - Ongoing

Focusing on the 501st squad at the frontline, Britannia. Each episode highlights a character, their past, goals, life and interaction with the rest of the squad.
Filled with action, fanservice and moe anthropomorphizations of military planes, not much to hate there.

Other merchandise:
Today marks the release of the Strike Witches Opening and Ending cd. The famed 'uncut dvds' are set to release on these dates:

~Strike Witches Original Soundtrack
Release: 2008/09/24
~Strike Witches Character Song Collection
Release: 2008/10/08
~Strike Witches 1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/09/26
~Strike Witches 2 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/10/24
~Strike Witches 3 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/11/28
~Strike Witches 4 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2008/12/26
~Strike Witches 5 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2009/01/22
~Strike Witches 6 [w/ CD, Limited Edition]
Release: 2009/02/27

Both the limited edition dvd and regular dvds are to be released on the same day.
Each Limited edition box includes: 2 episodes, music cd and a colour illustration booklet.

[Information from CD Japan - Strike Witches listing and Strike Witches Wiki]

That ends this post; I do hope that it was informative. Do expect 'reviews' like this in future, if there is room for improvement in this post, please let me know.

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Phenie said...

Pantsu Witches~ ^^;

Quite the history there. I saw some scans of the manga - very ecchi ^^

I've only watched the first few episodes of this series, but I'm enjoying it so far, I'm surprised at it's popularity though - I'm seeing it on all my regular blogs. Kind of seems like a Sky Girls 2 to me, just with more fan service and a more dojikko main character.

Not that that's a bad thing.

suki said...

@ Phenie.
Yes, Pantsu Witches indeed ^^; After seeing all that pantsu, it doesn't bother you as much though...
The manga isn't all that ecchi, There's Penguin Musume Max and To Love Ru to make up for that ecchiness XD

I guess that it's popular due to the fanservice, mecha/military and moe characters. Something that isn't present in the mainstream anime scene just yet (safe Sky Girls).