Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cleaning part.1


I return after being ill for a few days, so do expect a few posts with this change ^-^

That said, this post is a simple 'Life' post... as I wouldn't have encountered much during my time off XD

In the time off, I had managed to catch up with a few pastimes that I have not indulged in for quite some time. Gaming, movies and strange enough.... helping my brother clean his room.

The game I tried my hand at was 'Mass Effect'. I had caught whim of this title before but, never bothered with it much. After playing for a bit, it seems like a promising title.

There are many types of movies available but, over this resting time were mostly documentary-type movies. While this may sound bland, these are best as they help us to think about world-wide issues which may never have crossed our minds before... a mental cleansing of sorts.

Finally, I assisted my brother in cleaning a part of his room. We are quite close as siblings; we’re not far in age either (just less than 2 years apart). I was surprised at the amount of foreign objects that lay in his bedside table.

It was amusing and we spent a good deal of out time laughing at each 'foreign' object that appeared in the fray. Between that, we discussed the content of the movies we had just seen.

Here is a picture of the bedside draw containing the mess XD

A Flickr link is provided below (link contains notes with item names):

In the end, we found that cleaning was just another way to calm ourselves and have fun ^-^

Till we next meet,



Terix said...

Glad to see you not sick the room is a good way of relieving stress...and time as well, the entire day passes so quickly when cleaning

Finally work has for some reason unblocked this site so, now i can comment more :)

suki said...

Domo arigato for your kind words ^-^
I find cleaning to be therapeutic, as you may have noticed XD

Feel free to comment as I'll be sure to put something useful on here.. someday, lolols ^_~

Phenie said...

*Casts heal on suki*

Hrm... Nando's peri-peri sauce... a couple of batteries, random crap... "smoke screen"?

Yep, looks similar to one of my draws ^^ - don't want a messy room so just push it all into the draw, hehe.

As for Mass Effect... I played it briefly, found it really fun at first, but with most American games I grew bored of it within a day or two... =(

Oh, and the flickr link seems broken... I think it should be :P

suki said...

**HP/MP +**

Lolols, I am thankful to not have spare draws else mine would probably look like that too >__<
I really was surprised at how much 'old food' lay in that draw though ^^;

American games tends to have that effect on me as well. I liked the military idea, as those games don't circulate regularly T_T

I appreciate the link correction ^^; Seems like I rushed that bit :P

Once again, thank you for your comments.. they add an interesting flavour to 'suki desho' ^-^

Anonymous said...

That reminds me, I have to clean my own room :P. My dad keeps 'reminding' me :P.

suki said...

@ Satosan.
Lolols, delay it if you must... but, when you can't find a spare pencil... it's despair XD
Hehe, when you feel the time is right.. just go for it! ^_~

k said...

i also love cleaning too. helps calm me down when i'm stressed. at the end, there's a bonus too! you get a clean room. ^^

suki said...

@k. So true! Cleaning is indeed a fun experience, as strange as it may sound.