Monday, February 2, 2009

Figures from Tochigi-ken! | College start!


Over the festive season, I placed an order for two figurines through an international supplier.
This was my first international order for figurines, so I was rather excited for this ^^;
Rushing to get my camera once the box arrived... I finally realised that my camera had a problem T_T

So sadly, I present to you... pictures with my (rather bad) mobile phone.
The area for the picture is bad too, my pc/art desk ^^;

Well, in about 15 minutes... I am off to my first day at college! I'm still blogging and doing my usual online prowling... just minimized XD



Almost forgot to mention D: You can find these two at HLJ, they're even on sale!

That ends this rather short post
'Til we next meet,