Monday, February 2, 2009

Figures from Tochigi-ken! | College start!


Over the festive season, I placed an order for two figurines through an international supplier.
This was my first international order for figurines, so I was rather excited for this ^^;
Rushing to get my camera once the box arrived... I finally realised that my camera had a problem T_T

So sadly, I present to you... pictures with my (rather bad) mobile phone.
The area for the picture is bad too, my pc/art desk ^^;

Well, in about 15 minutes... I am off to my first day at college! I'm still blogging and doing my usual online prowling... just minimized XD



Almost forgot to mention D: You can find these two at HLJ, they're even on sale!

That ends this rather short post
'Til we next meet,


Persocom-san said...

Hope your first day of college went well ^^ Nice figures also!

Q said...

Oh if I recall right, those are pretty early Nendoroids. I wonder whether they are hard to find these days. :o

suki said...

@ Persocom-san. Thank you~ It was really fun.. It's a *real* art college..
People don't even wear shoes D:

I'm so happy to have gotten these Nendo's.. among the only few I like ^^;

@ Q. Hmm, they are! They're actually on sale at HLJ right now.. so you may want to check it out ^_~
Links have been added to the front of the blog post...

Eclair said...

They don't wear shoes? Have yet to see anything like that in my school ^^;;
Nice nendos too! Lol @ Rin riding the car with a cigarette ^^;;

suki said...

@ Eclair. Hmm, they're really chibified but Saber has shoes... not too sure about Rin though XD

I *love* the idea of Rin having a Caddy and ciggy.. just too cute >.<
Funny thing, Saber feels cuter when carrying around since she doesn't have the same weight as Rin (Rin is heavier because she has more hair).

Blowfish said...

Let me guess they are the discounted Nendos from HLJ?^^

Ah damn you already told Q ^^

Hope to see some awesome Art from you soon

Q said...

lol I should have paid a bit more attention... Was kinda worn out (already) these few days...

Optic said...

Very nice nendo's u got there. I realised they have been on sale for a long time now.

The only thing I remember back on my first day was getting something to eat. lol

blood on the mirror said...

Wai so cute!

Have fun teaching then! Glad you can still work and still blog. I can't seem to do that

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5NAKE said...

Best of luck with your College. Hope everything goes well. :)

Btw nic figs. I like how Rin smokes. XD

Anonymous said...

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