Thursday, January 29, 2009

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It has been a long time since I've had proper internet access, let alone blogged.
I do apologise for the long wait, my dear readers m(_ _)m
I've missed all of you, really really! T_T

Hopefully you've all had a great Festive Season and started the New Year with much success and happiness!
The pictures for the blog mascot has been completed but sadly, the theme is still in progress...
Choosing colours is so hard T_T

What have you done during your time off?

As for life updates, I have attended my College registration today... it was an interesting experience, though amusing to think that my class totals about 10 people ^^;
I hope to continue maintaining this blog during this time and enjoy reading all the blogs in my list and beyond.
So, slowly.. things will return to normal... lets hope!

Well, that ends this (weird) post
'Til we next meet,


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! Can't wait to see your new theme!!

Is that your blog mascot btw?

Phenie said...


Saya-chan desu yo ne? kawaii...

Class of 10 people... exactly the same as me at the moment. ^^;
What are you studying? :O

Optic said...

Welcome back. ^^
No rush and just take ur time. School comes first IMO. ^^

Eclair said...

Welcome back ;D Was wondering when you were coming back ^w^
My blog mascot is far from complete, hope to see yours soon! I also agree that choosing colours is a pain T__T

Blowfish said...

I guess thats your mascot?If so nice work!
Havent done anything over the festive season except blowing some money on figures. ^^;

What kinda major are you takiking?

Anonymous said...

Suki! You is back! *head explodes from glee*

Thanks for the comments, and many congrats for registering to college!

Will email you the front cover soon(ish), just for giggles XD

Q said...

Welcome back~ Have you been travelling?

Things are back to hectic times just like before Christmas, but the break in between was nice.

Looking forward to your new theme!

Persocom-san said...

Welcome back! Nice mascot (that is the mascot right?) XD Only 10 people sounds almost boring for a class, but maybe it'll be easier with less people?

5NAKE said...

Welcome back suki! ^_^

Good to see your blog back in action! :)

suki said...

Thankies for the welcome! Ah, that isn't my blog mascot ^^; I'll be posting her up soon though!

@ Phenie.
Saya-chan hontoni kawaii desu ^^

I'm doing Graphic Design, a 3 year course.... and this is my first uuu~
What's your course on?

@ Optic. Thank you~
Ah, School does take priority but, we all know that it can be tempting to do otherwise ^^;

@ Eclair. Thankies~
Yup, colours can be a pain but, once you choose them **fufufu**

I can't wait to see your blog mascot either!

@ Blowfish. Ah, sorry it's not my mascot ^^;
But, I'm glad to read that you had a good festive season!

My first major is Design and second is Illustration.

@ burfordus. Thank you~
I'm typing this just before college starts... ^^;
Seems like I can manage my blog even with the current situation ^o^

@ Q. Thank you~
Glad to read that you had a fun holiday, although busy.

I haven't travelled really... ^^; Just had my own ends to tie up in my own country XD

@ Persocom-san. Thankies~
I suppose it'll be easier... but, that also mean more room for competition ^^;
Well, rivals are always good XD

@ 5nake. Thankies m(_ _)m
It's good to hear from you again too!

soulfringe said...

Welcome back !

suki said...

@ soulfringe.Thankies~ ^o^