Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christsmas! | Gone for a while...


It has been a while but, I had to pop online to wish everyone!

It's a bit early but, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Chanukah and New Year!
May you all have a special time with your loved ones, find happiness and fulfill your resolutions for the new year m(_ _)m

Also, for those of us who are in the single boat.. may we find our special someone (b^o^)7

Due to work and other life events, I'll be absent from my blog for a while. I am still working on my mascot and coding.. so, please wait patiently for that and my following posts m(_ _)m

Well, that ends this post
'Til we next meet,


Optic said...

See ya in the new year. It's been great to know u and I look forward to ur mascot and new posts when u get back. ^^

soulfringe said...

Well a happy holidays to you in your absence suki.

Before you go internet-less you should check my blog later today, I intend to put up a rather long end of year post =D Spent a few hours working on it yesterday. Now it's time to start getting images and such for it. Blogging though a chore, can be quite fun =D

suki said...

@ Optic. Thank you
m(_ _)m
I shall return and continue to bring justice **salute**

Or just some blog posts XD

@ soulfringe.
Thank you, I'll be sure to have fun!
Hmm, I'm checking all the blogs I can today, so I'll definitely hop onto yours ^-^
Blogging can feel like a chore but, it is great fun indeed!

Anonymous said...

No Suki during the Xmas period? Nooo! T_T

But seriously, have an awesome time with friends and family, dont work too hard ^^

Persocom-san said...

take it easy and try to enjoy the holidays, merry christmas to you too, and a happy new year ^^ may you be showered with goodies! looking forward to your return!

soulfringe said...

and it's partially up now =D

Rin said...

Happy Xmas too you too Suki!!!!!!

Q said...

Merry Christmas to you! Take your time and enjoy the holidays~ I'm kept a little busy by my cousins, but will hopefully be blogging on a regular basis as usual.ic

Anonymous said...

merry christmas, here's a christmas gift for you - a pic of Yumi-chan

Anonymous said...

Suki, come back, we miss you T_T

blood on the mirror said...

Hehe okay.

Happy Holidays to you! Hope you get back soon!

suki said...

@ burfordus.
Thank you, I hope that your holidays was prosperous as well ^-^

@ Persocom-san.
Thankies ^^
I hope that you holiday was a good one as well!

@ Rin.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to you too! Hope that it was great!

@ Q.
Thank you!
I hope that your holiday and festive season was good as well! ^_^

@ Anon.
Um, Thank you Anon (^-^);

@ blood on the mirror.
Happy holidays to you too!