Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fate/Stay Night progress, report #2 | Figurine still late T_T


It's about time for a progress report on Fate/Stay Night! In future, I'd like to do this for all visual novels that I play, perhaps including a Q&A of sorts as well, what do you think, dear readers?

Moving on...
Since the last post, I have cleared the Fate scenario (Saber path).
It was a very interesting scenario which left me pretty emotional ;_;
A must if you're a Saber fan!

After resting and occupying my time with some Unreal 3.. I moved on to the next available path, Unlimited Blade Works scenario (Rin path).
For the most part, this did not include scenes from the anime and if you're very taken by both Archer and Rin, I totally recommend this path!
In fact, I've come to love the main cast (aka, Shirou, Saber, Rin and Archer) even more.

Finally, I have started the final scenario Heaven's Feel (Sakura path).
I've heard many things about this path.. I do hope that it'll present an interesting story and pretty art ^__^
Though, I’ve also heard that this scenario contains the most eroscenes.. a whopping total of 3!
Compared to Fate's 2 and Unlimited Blade Work's 1... that is quite an amount XD

The story for Fate/Stay Night uses existing elements and enhances it to create a very different story.
Type Moon has been in the doujin industry for a while and with Fate/Stay Night has brought a few mature changes that assist their image for the good.
There is still much debate over the eroscenes feeling misplaced but, I guess that may be the case for most eroge.

As for my figurine I ordered some time back, it seem sthat the supplier has not shipped the item as of yet :(
It's vexing but, I guess there's no problem in waiting more after waiting so long already XD

Well, that ends this post
'Til we next meet,


blood on the mirror said...

Wow you had the patience to finish a path of Fate Stay Night?

I got really bored of it, but I still keep my files just in case I feel like playing again

blood on the mirror said...

Haha I didn't have the patience to finish all paths...or even one.

It was long and dragging, but am glad you enjoyed it!

Maybe I should check it out

suki said...

@ blood on the mirror.
Hmm, I'm really weird about completing games XD I must *really* hate the game if I don't complete it.. or I'm too bored.

Good luck on completing it! ^__^

Persocom-san said...

that sucks the figurine isn't there yet. the more I hear about this the more I want to take a step back and play the fate/stay night game before I do much in the fate hollow/ataraxia one

Anonymous said...

I LOVE unlimited Bladeworks!
Its alot better than the Fate route as far as i can tell.Im now right after the Ero Scene and before the Final Fight.

Great VN so far and i cant wait to start Heavens Feel.Cant wait to see some more Sakura and undiscovered storyline ^^

suki said...

@ Blowfish. I agree! Unlimited Blade Works was really good! I'm about half-way through Heaven's Feel...

It's really good too, I'm sure you'll like it as well ^^