Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Japanese Magazines | Site update coming along...


It's been a little while since my previous post... blame that on life and games ^^;
Seems like Unreal 3 and Fate/Stay Night have done a good job to keep me busy, well that's okay XD

There are many Japanese magazine available to cater for all tastes.
Whether you like fashion or plamo, there'll be something available for you.
While they may be hard to get hold of and due to exchange rates, may be pretty expensive... we'd still like to purchase them.

So, which Japanese maazines do you enjoy reading? What makes it worth reading?

The site poll will end today, I am currently working on a theme of sorts. Coding is something that is totally self-taught so.. it may take a little while to work out the finer bits...
Either way, I thank you, my dear readers, for helping me to come to a decision
m(_ _)m

Fate/Stay Night Progress post and Figurine update post to appear next time ^-^
Please look forward to them!

Well, that ends this post
'Til we next meet,


Phenie said...

I tend to buy Japanese Magazines with lots of freebies. G's Festival always comes with something like a Dakimakura cover, or bed sheet or mousepad or something, so it's always worth my money.

I also always pick up my monthly copy of Megami Magazine for it's bishoujo poster goodness. I used to get other magazines with posters like Compu H's before as well, but both was just too expensive for me. ^^;

I sometimes pick up Dengeki Hime as well, only two issues so far but it's definitely worth the buy.

Anonymous said...

Yaaay, Suki's back!

I'd buy more magazines, but the lack of kana reading ability and moies is a bit constricting ^^;

*Is quivering with excitment about your next figure update*

suki said...

@ Phenie. Hmm, I've noticed that the freebies are more sought after than the actual magazine as well XD

Thank you for the tip, I will definitely check those out!

@ Burford.
Thank you~ I missed everyone while I was away T_T

You'll get there, gambatte! Learning a new language is a not impossible.. Its only as hard as lack of will or determination.

You'll like the new fig.. I hope XD

5NAKE said...

Same with Phenie.

I like buy Japanese Magazines with free stuff as well. Festival Mag are cool. If you can spend more on it. It comes either mini Figs , bed sheet or cards. Something that you want.

Megami is an awesome mag to go for since it comes with alot of anime posters as Phenie mentioned.

Hope it helps.

Persocom-san said...

I haven't ever bought Japanese magazines. I would really like to but I don't know what to get, so many different choices and price ranges. I used to get a free magazine from the local card shop every month until they stopped distributing them. good luck updating the site, I don't know anything about coding at all :x look forward to the new layout ^^

suki said...

@ 5nake.
Thankies ^__^ It certainly helps! I'll be trying to get my hands on a *good* magazine.. Preferably with freebies that I know of ^^;

@ Persocom-san.
Hmm, It depends on what you're looking for? I know Megami is a good magazine for posters but, there’s not much text due to that...

Coding can be weird at times, one mistake and then you're back to thinking it all out but, it's good fun too.
Thank you for keeping your eye on my blog, I'll be sure to get the theme up as soon as I can!

Anonymous said...

I like to buy the Dengeki G/Hime/Festival or Megami

Lots of Freebies and nice big pictures.Perfect for a german not japanese understanding guy^^

suki said...

@ Blowfish. Lolols, I'm not German but, I find myself agreeing with you ^^

The love for Freebies must be universal XD