Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sold out | Late fandom is bad | Yuki is on her way!


The time it takes to become part of a certain fandom may be one of the ideas that can kill a fandom.
If this does not make sense to you, I shall elaborate.

Being able to enjoy a series (whether its manga, anime, novel, game or visual novel), from the starting point is a valuable experience.
You are able to gain interest at an early stage and this helps you do purchase the merchandise for the show at an early stage.
Not having the opportunity to 'catch-on' to the in jokes, merchandise and product may be a chance for you to not support the idea at all, you've arrived too late, after all.

It is not something people choose to experience and so, we need to ensure that we stop this!
Perhaps not in an extreme manner but, take a look below at the repercussions:
[click to enlarge]

As you can see ^^; It's almost as if 'long sold out' is poking fun at you... yes, it is ^^;
The image above is a little taste of what I wanted to order but, the items are now... almost impossible to get.
To avoid this happening to my dear readers, I am sharing a slice of wisdom.. even if you knew it already ^___^

On a happier note, my Nagato Yuki Guitar Wizard is on her way! She'll be arriving sometime this month, let's hope that changes to *week* XD
I'm not too sure what to order after this, however, Nendoroid, manga, Gundam model kit and something different wouldn't be a bad idea.

Well, that ends this post
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Anonymous said...

Which one was it that you were wanting ? Alice ?

Also I feel the same sometimes. Not so much though, because I don't waste money I don't have on figures.
But you know, things like inside jokes and such will kind of fly right by you. Kind of like those internet virals like "jam it in"

suki said...

@ soulfringe.
Hmm, Alice is the one I want most as I have a local supplier who can get Rin, not too sure about getting Sumomo though...

I plan my purchases carefully and only buy figurines of series I like or if the sculpt catches my eye.
Lolols, internet virals/memes are fun XD
They're there for the lulz and even better if you understand them >.<

Anonymous said...



I checked several sites and couldnt find Alice...:/
Archonia was the only place where i was able to find the other 2 though

Persocom-san said...

yes I am a victim of late fandom, or rather rip off stores not updating their inventory + late fandom. I took a while to get into Miku Hatsune mainly because I didn't know what or who she was for the longest time. Once I found out I didn't realize there were already products out like shirts and mugs. Well I ordered a mug from a certain crappy US store and they processed it but never finished processing. A month later the product vanished from the site, and it's still in processing (of course we all know it just means they're too lazy to say cancelled out of stock never coming back again) So now I don't hesitate to buy Miku products when I want them because I missed out on something I really wanted (a shirt and mug). So now I try to absorb as much as I can and watch as much anime as possible, and if something looks even just a little interesting I'll try and find out more about it, because I never know if I'll find a jewel in the mix that I could have been missing out on the whole time.

Anonymous said...

That sucks that you can't get them. I've found that with quite a few figures... Tsukihime ones... I want an Arcuied dammit!!

I was lucky enough to get Sumomo Akihime earlier on this year, mid january if memory serves...
That version of Rin Tohsaka I saw somewhere recently... at an expo maybe. Dunno bout the other though.

I'd go for figures over nendoroids. I just feel like I'm getting more for my money buying 1/8 figures... I don't get the same feeling with Nendos. No matter how cute they are,

Q said...

True, figures are so much harder to grab onto than other merchandises.

I personally don't mind much about the inside jokes, but for figures I tend to try to avoid getting more, or plan in advance so I won't get into the trouble of trying to look for one in agony again like I did for figma Fate.

suki said...

@ dackel03. Thank you very much for your kind efforts m(_ _)m
**gives a box of cookies**

@ Persocom-san.
Ouch T_T I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience…
I so hope that things will look up for you in future!

@ meimi132.
True T_T Arc is really hard to get hold of.. but, HLJ still has a Melty Blood fig of her.
I’m considering to only buy the Nendoroids of Fate/Stay Night, Yuki (Haruhi) and 3 others…

Q. Hmm, it seems that we have all learned from painful experiences T_T
Let’s hope that we can get hold of the figurines we want! (b^o^)7

Swregeko Desho said...

interesting post check out my gamer/anime blog please its fresh ^-^ haha

suki said...

@ Swregeko Desho. Thank you for visiting my blog
m(_ _)m
Glad you enjoyed the post, will take a look at your blog then :)

5NAKE said...

Rin sold out, noo! :(

Then again theres so many fig to collect after all. :P ;)

Good smile really makes nic high quality on the figures. :)

suki said...

@ 5nake.
Thankfully, Akiba has that Rin figure! So, I can get her **yays**

GSC is very good at figure making, they put a lot of care into each step ^__^