Monday, December 15, 2008

Purchase cut down! | Older and Wiser..?


After checking through the (rather long) list of figurines and other merchandise that I compiled, I realised that there were some things I didn't *really* want.
Considering the current economical situation and other life expenditure... it'd be best to change the manner of spending or not spend at all ^^;

Have you come across situations like that? Having to cut down or make compromise?

Aaaand, on a more random life-related note, I celebrated my birthday on Friday and spent it with my Nii-san, um brother, cousins and friends.
It's pretty amazing how you don't really 'feel'older even though you are XD
Well, it was fun so, I thought of sharing that with you ^___^

Well, that ends this post
'Til we next meet,


Potatochobit said...

my special loved one took away my credit card last month
something about spending 800$ on toys in one month...

Anonymous said...

I do it all the time especially when a new figure get's announced. I got to re-review my preorders again and see which one I need cut to ensure I can fit her into my budget. It's a never ending cycle. -_-

I think I mention this before but I can only make a comment from my old wordpress account as u will need to enable the "Name/URL" option so I can comment from my new one.

suki said...

@ Potatochobit. Thank you for commenting on my blog
m(_ _)m

Ouchies... those who can't understand our hobbies.. we sure seem eccentric, don't we? XD

@ opticzone. It's a depressing truth..... why oh why T_T

Sorry, I added the changes.. hopefully it works now!

shino said...

Pretty much shave off most of my figures now in favor of games ^^; Thankfully, games don't come as often as figures and I figure the only space they take up is HDD space, so they're not really as brutal as figures in the long run though they tend to cost more xD

Though not every figure is shaved out though, but quite a fair chunk compared to before gets shaved off now though I always have the option of picking it up at the store at a later time if I fail to resist. Current exchange rates don't help now either for online purchases anyway -.-"

Persocom-san said...

I've had to stall on figure splurging because of the economy too. Tax returns will be very welcome this year, so I'm planning the majority of my purchases for the months following that. I've been on the borderline of canceling some figures I pre-ordered that I really want to get... might end up having to do it, but I'm going to stall until I have no choice.

Blowfish said...

Ill always have to calculate how to make the ends fit.Id buy alot more figures if i had the budget.Had to cancel some sweet figures over the year :(

I dont think youll feel older aslong as you collect tiny PVC women and watch "cartoons" as some call it.
Stay young at heart! Theres always time later to become a boring adult

FANTASTIC! I can finally post under my real name! Thanks alot!

Rin said...

Your not the only one...
I have to cut back as I'm heading to Japan again next year...
There are figures I really want and figure I just buy...I have to really cut back if I am to bring enough money to Japan...
Have fun on your bday!!!!

Anonymous said...

Many belated happy birthdays for friday ^^

I kinda have no choice about figures and other otaku items, since i cant afford them in the first place ^^;

Stupid monies :-P

suki said...

@ shino. I’m always running out of HDD space ^^;
I try to buy locally. How about trying that?

Hmm, I’ll be doing the same thing as I don’t know what the next year holds for me.

Lolols, thanks for the comforting words. I don’t feel old now ^__^
**gives Blowfish a cookie**

Glad the name-thing works now!

@ Rin.
Thank you, my B-Day was great fun indeed!
Wow, another trip to Japan? That’s so cool, though I can see your situation being bad.. saving so much money~

@ bufordus. Thank you very much for the Birthday wishes!

I’m sure they’ll be a time where you can afford them ^__^

Q said...

I admit that despite I don't have as much loot as other bloggers out there, I have already spent more and used up more space than I've expected this year. Not necessarily a bad thing as I try to make each purchase worth it. Impulsive buy is therefore not too common for me...

Staying "young" is a good thing, at least IMO. I think it's something we tend to treasure more and more as time moves on.

suki said...

@ Q. I think quality of merchandise outweighs the quantity.
Just my personal opinion but, you have a lovely collection ^_^

Hmm, it is good to remain youthful and young-at-heart.. it's easier to not take things too seriously that way XD

shino said...

I'm thinking buying locally now wouldn't help much since the source of them are from Japan anyways, and since our currency had a 30% drop against the Yen, either way I go about it, the wallets gonna take a beating ^^;

But if there are any sales or specials going on, I'll definitely be better off going local, but these specials don't happen often, and I'm thinking you seldom find the figure you want on special but you end up making an impulse purchase instead xD~

puppy52doll said...

awww well I need to spend less... I have an occassion spendy impluses tho :( I blame PMS... that must be it! :P

suki said...

@ Shino. It's a sad reality TTvTT
We should all just move to Japan! ^o^

@ Puppy52doll. Lolols, can we blame everything on PMS? :P

puppy52doll said...

Suki I'd like to :P lol!