Monday, December 1, 2008

Fate/Stay Night Progress


As I've been playing the Fate/Stay Night visual novel, my progress has brought me some sporadic bits of fan-girlism.
Some of you may know this already but, I consider myself to be a great fan of Tohsaka Rin ^-^
Whether it's her personality, character design or simply the fact that she was my first figurine...
I do my best to support her!
This, however, seems to be drowned out by the many Saber fans that I do know ^^;
I have to like all characters, rather its in my personality to do so...
So, I don't hate Saber, you can be at ease XD

Here is a screencap I've taken of a very cute 'dere' Rin that appears in the Fate path:

Of course, we wouldn't like seeing only the 'dere' side of her... so:

There's also moments like this:

I've been wondering if having Rin as the site mascot would be a good idea...
Will add a poll and see how it goes then, please share your opinions on this matter.

That ends this post,
'Til we next meet



5NAKE said...

This FSN game looks sooo cool!

Rin Tohsaka is just awesome. I dont know why I just prefer more than Saber. People must choose their own support on each of its character.

Sometimes its a good how Rin reacts to you. Sometimes you never know whats gonna happen next and its makes the game more fun. :) Thats my option so far suki.

Persocom-san said...

I need to find the game, I got Fate/Hollow Ataraxia without an english patch, it's cool but I'm not that great at my Japanese yet. As for Rin being the site mascot go for it!

Phenie said...

"drowned out by the many Saber fans that I do know" <-- that would be me. Although Caster is even better... :P

All that said, Rin is still a great character, and I think seen you love her so much she would be the best choice - gonna need a black and red blogger theme? ^^;

suki said...

@ 5nake. It is very well made, a great improvement from Tsukihime ^-^

Lolols, indeed! Rin is so funny, arguing sometimes.. and then smiling XD
I love the Taiga dojo scenes where Yasagure Rin pops out >.<

@ Persocom-san.
I got it at that LAN I went to a while back, seems that some else's effort to download it saved me from the trouble :)
Playing Japanese visual novels is a good way to improve your Japanese, even a little.

@ Phenie. Lolols, I finally meet a Caster fan! ^^
Caster is very cool, if not a bit... **cut out for spoiler**

Hmm, I'm hoping to mess around with some code and see what I can do to make a custom theme >.<

Anonymous said...

Id call myself a Rin-fan.Saber is nice and everything but theres just something about Rin^^

Im nearly done with the Fate Path.Cant wait for the other 2

Heaven or Hell? Just try her as Site mascot.Ill welcome her^^

suki said...

@ dackel03. (b^o^)7 You've just earned a suki-stamp!
To be a Rin fan is just.. well, we're a rarity, yes? (exaggeration)

I'm almost done with Fate path now, can't wait to try the others either! The art and systems have really improved..

Thank you for the extra vote
m(_ _)m
I'll be working on my code and art for it, starting tonight~

Anonymous said...

OOOooooo where did you get the game from? I've played Tsukihime, and a demo of Fate/Stay night, but not the whole thing.

suki said...

@ meimi132. I went to a LAN a while back and a kind soul had it up for sharing ^^;
Needless to say, it was one of the first things I grabbed XD
Too bad I'm here, otherwise I'd organise a copy for you ;_;

blood on the mirror said...

I got tired of playing the FSN game.

It was kinda annoying because there was SO MUCH detail that I didn't need and that was getting a bit too dragging for me.

The art was cute though and it was nice to see the whole story.

Tohsaka Rin is nice, but I want to see more of Sakura Matou's story.

suki said...

@ blood on the mirror.
Hmm, I can understand why you gave up on it, Fate/Stay Night is a *very* long game...
Though, I decided ot clear the whole game, lolols XD

Sadly, if you want to know more about Sakura.. you're going to have to play her route, called Heavens Feel.
In order to play that route, you need to complete certain paths (or get save games) in this order:

1. Fate: Saber path
2. Unlimited Blade Works: Rin path

3. Heavens Feel: Sakura path
This is the path you want, so you need ot finish paths 1 & 2.
Hope that helps you a bit?
Have fun ^o^