Friday, August 8, 2008

Anime Oops! part.1


Bored or sharp-eyed.... watching an anime episode can deliver some startling scenes and images. These scenes are either accidental, humourous or for advertisement. To Otaku, these are seen as entertainment, mostly.

Below are two images that I discovered last night.
Picture 1

Picture 2

As you see, Mizuki's sneaker suddenly changes into the standard school shoe. Intentional or not?
Have you ever discovered moments like this?

That ends part 1 of 'Anime Oops!'

Till we next meet,



Anonymous said...

Interesting find, is that from Comic Party or Comic Party Revolution?

suki said...

@ Satosan.
It's from Comic Party, episode 3...
If I recall correctly, that is ^^;

I have yet to order Comic Party Revolution!

Anonymous said...

Huh! Wow I never even noticed that!

Wow I guess stuff like these slip my mind to point that I dont even know they exist.

Thanks for the update! Now I will be on the lookout myself.

Terix said...

ah, i didn't notice it when i watched, although i think when i watched "Comic Party" i was rather tired >_< Interesting find :)

suki said...

@ bzou.
Lolols, I am the type who seems to remember all the odd details like this XD

Thank you for reading, there's more to come in future :3

suki said...

@ Terix.
Thank you for your comment ^^
Ah, I tend to find the strangest things while watch anime... often after I've seen it at least once though...

k said...

was this done on purpose? hard to imagine that this was an accident ^^

suki said...

@k. Mizuki is probably more popular in her sneakers than her school shoes (from images and figurines), so I can't see it as a mistake really...

I'd like to ask the animation company >__<