Thursday, July 31, 2008



Last weekend, a few local Otaku and I had a meetup. It was the first meetup for this particular group but, the planning was definitely better than most XD
The day consisted of a trip to the arcade, bowling and then lunch at an Italian restaurant. Apparently, eating out at various fast food places is also on the list of activities.

Strange enough, when surrounded by fellow Otaku... you reek of Otakuness XD

Inspired by this picture:

A long chase, to try and have my bowling name changed to Haruhi…but, alas... I was just a number OTL
Closed space may have appeared, poor Koizumi didn't even get to finish his McDonalds as bowler 'Haruhi' sucked at bowling that day.

She had fun though ^_~

Well, that ends a weird and random ‘Life’ post! I will be collecting my figures today, so expect a photo shoot tomorrow ^-^

Till we next meet,

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