Friday, July 25, 2008

Headphones are Moe|More figs on their way


This is a post from 'Life', 'Music' and 'Moe' catergory, since I thought I'd share a bit with you ^_~
Perhaps one of the more underestimated devices, headphones were seen as products. Being a product and therefore an item to sell, it needed beauty as the demand for it increased. The turnover from simple headphones to drool-worthy headphones started from that decision. In the end, we really are... Victims to marketting stratergy? Maybe Love for gadgets? Yes Love for headphones? YES! A few pics :3

Finally, a local store has updated their merch! Predicted spoils:
~Nendoroid Haruhi
~Mecha Musume vol.3
~Strike Witches vol.1

If these items are in stock, expect a photoshoot next week!


Phenie said...

weird, my current wallpaper has earphone moe too...

hmm... earphone tentacles too ^^;

Barry said...

Hey very cute, I like your site it is pretty damn interesting. Been viewing it but first time posting.

Oh btw Since I cannot find a contact form or information. Ill just write it here. I am wondering if you want to exchange links since we have similar interests. My site is Let me know by contacting me on my email bzou at

suki said...

@ Phenie. Whoa, it may be on the 'weird' side but, that is a very moe wallpaper! (^o^)b
Thanks for sharing and visiting ^^

@ Barry. Oha! Thank you for visiting m(_ _)m
I took a look at your site and it's looking good ^o^ I shall contact you then!