Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buy, buy, buy & Covers


After reading several blogs, I've come to realise that as hobbyists (Otaku, if you prefer), spend a great amount of money on the objects of our desire. If presented the opportunity to take a second chance at choosing an item from a certain store, would you take the chance? Personally, I try to control my hobby by limiting my spending during the month. The best way is to find a supplier that suits your taste! [This is easier said than done]

Are there any new local suppliers in your area? Do you have contact that will be travelling overseas?
On another note, I thought I’d take the time to bring up musical covers. How do you feel about them? A popular song, "God Knows" made popular by seiyuu and singer Hirano Aya has been covered by Momoi Haruko. Fairly old news but, there are preferences even among favorites, isn't that pretty. I feel like a bad fan ^^; [I prefer the Momoi Haruko version more]

Well, this ends another post. I'm sill uncertain about my blogging format but, if this is even a bit interesting for someone, I’d
be overjoyed ^o^



k said...

hmmm... i don't usually go with the supplier. i try to limit my spending to figures that i really want. ^^

suki said...

@ k. Ah, I see ^^
Certain suppliers tend to get the 'figures I'm keen on' less than others, so I use my supplier as my means of deciding whether I should pay the amount or not.
I choose figures on my liking to them or if they're related to a series that I follow.