Thursday, July 10, 2008

Merch at 50% off?!


This post was supposed to be detailed... with pics and everything! Alas, my cell phone software and pc don't seem to be seeing eye-to-eye and as a result, I can't extract pictures T_T
Will borrow a camera sometime, to put something up at least ^_~

Onto the story!
Last Saturday, a group of local, fellow hobbyists(Otaku) went on a roadtrip to a far away little district. In this district, a businessman had his share of troubles and need to rid his stock. Said stock retailed 50% less than their 'usual' price.

We entered the store, searching every inch and grabbing what we deemed interesting. I walked in and grabbed as I passed each counter, filling the entire till area ^^;
It was a good move, boldly grabbing ^^; I got some good spoils that day and with the offer still standing for a week or so, there seems to be a few more items left. I'll wait a bit and if the opportunity presents itself, I'll try to get the Boogiepop manga this time around!

Spoils of the Day:
~ RahXephon Box Set Slimpack
~ RahXephon Movie - Pluratina's Concertino
~ Porco Rosso
~ Kiki's Delivery Service
~ Grave of the Fireflies
~ Tifa figurine
This came to about R685.50 ... that's about US$90, I guess?
Not sure how much cheaper this works out to for others but, I saved quite a bit!

Oh, we found the figure retailer of our city, so they had the sweeties for real cheap! It was hard to be restrained from the Stormtrooper figures, Death Star Lego structure and other moe-moe figurines ^^;
Even with all that, however, we had a great time! Seeing each other again, having cake to celebrate our dear friend's day of birth and generally being together again ^-^

That ends this entry. I do hope that it was informative ^^;
If I could improve my entries, please let me know! Requests for articles works well too XD



JF said...

Hellos there!

I remember my own last 'bold grab' adventure, which was in Seattle @ Sakuracon 2008. I love those days even though I want to shoot myself for spending that much money later! XD

Good startup to your blog, suki~ Keep up the energy and content!

Drop me a message if you'd like to do link exchanges.


suki said...

Oha,Thankies for leaving a message ^-^

Good to know that I wasn't the only fortunate one to make a grab XD May the lords of 'free-stuffs' bring you more.

I shall keep my blog pretty and take you up on that link exchange then!


Anonymous said...

How lucky T_T. I wish there was something like that here in Durban. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places :/.

suki said...

T_T I'm sure that there are places! After al, Durbs has some good LAN's, right?