Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Patience really is a virtue!

[Tasukete, Eirin!]


I didn't expect to post so soon but, here I am ^-^
After catching up with the posts on Danny Choo, I stumbled across this article:
Oh My Goddess

As usual, Danny Choo has the amazing ability to motivate others and appeal to their hobbies while not offending them (something that hobbyists are probably prone to experiencing).
In this post, he mentions a previous experience and touches on the value of being aware of ones weaknesses. This may be common knowledge to some but, for for most of us, this is a useful moment to reflect on what *we* need to do to better ourselves as people.
There were very interesting answers, a good note that most people are aware of what they need to improve.

This is what makes Danny Choo's site different, I believe. He has an ability and uses it for good. Educating, motivating and socialising with his readers. I doubt that we can think of many people who do that!

Strange enough, reading the post also brought on a few past memories that, were left in the archives for quite some time.
I may decide to share it later, whether there is an interest or not XD
Essentially it is a trip to the past but, there may be something useful in it.

A final note on the title, "Patience really is a virtue!"

~"Waiting for something is praiseworthy but, waiting and applying ones efforts is admirable."~ (suki)

Until we next meet,

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