Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Figures | meetups | weird dreams

It certainly has been a while since my last post. Sorry about that.
This is simple, life/otaku post but, please enjoy it.

Finally, my figure count of 8 has grown to 12 last week Friday. I placed an order for more Mecha Musume and Strike Witches trading figures, though I failed to mention this on my blog ^^;
Expect pics soon!

The day after, I hosted a little Otaku meet at my house. It was my first tie hosting one and needless to say, I was rather nervous. My parents weren't upset, they seemed to support the idea and even went as far as to buy food and related supplies for the event.
I really appreciate their ability to accept my hobby, even though they didn't at first XD
From the anticipated amount of 9, a total of 4 people were able to make it.
Sometimes smaller events are better. This proved to be true as between all the chatting; eating, trading... a smaller group is able to manage efficiently.
In short, the meetup was a success and hopefully, in future I shall blog our events in more depth.

A more random note, a dream that I had last night. I suspect that this dream is the result of being away form the internet for a while and my thoughts were occupied by it in my dreams XD
In short, the dream revolved around a party held by Danny Choo and all the members were invited, including myself. Here we bought Star Wars models, played Metal Gear Solid 4, solved paths for certain eroge...

A strange dream indeed ^^;

Do any of you get dreams like that? Have you had any strange anime-related dreams?

Till we next meet,


k said...

i've been reading too much detective conan recently... last night dreamt that i was in a murder case! that's not the bad part.... in my dream i was trying to outsmart him! ><

Anonymous said...

Lol. I cant remember any anime related dreams :( , but loads times i have dreamed about fighting with source code at work, and going back to a school i went to 4 years ago :/ ....

NomadicWriter said...

My weirdest dream still to this day was an anime dream.. i was sailor moon lol.. enough said?

Phenie said...

Meet-ups are always nicer smaller in my opinion, if you get too many people there will always be some tension between certain people. Maybe that's just my anti-social nature talking through ^^;

Looking forward to pics of the figures.

As far as dreams go, I used to always remember my dreams (they involved going to Japan...) but I never seem to anymore. Kinda depressing as I quite liked analyzing my dreams in my spare time... maybe I should sleep more.

As for your dreams about dannychoo... that is indeed very weird :P. My "dream" was to work for him, and it came true a few weeks ago, so maybe yours will come true as well, in which case please make sure I get an invite, it sounds fun. :P

suki said...

@ k. Lolols, that's certainly interesting! You can never read too much manga ^_~

@ metalotaku. Fighting source code... any chances of it being similar to Final Fantasy battle scenes? That'd be a very fun dream, methinks XD

@ nomadicwriter. Weird but, interesting! I've never dreamt of being an anime character before >.<

@ phenie. I agree with you. Meetups are best small... we've gotten used to the idea and keep it to the few of us these days ^^

I tend to dream of going to Japan a lot as well! Most people who appreciate Japanese culture may do this, I think.

Congratulations on having your dream come true! ^-^
I'm sure that you'll do well.
If my dream ever comes true, I'll be sure to send you an invite XD
If that fails, you can always join our little meetups ^^