Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Learning Japanese


It's been quite some time since I first realised just how many Otaku are able to speak, read and write Japanese.
Perhaps the enthusiasm stems from the love of anime or manga but, that alone won't help one to learn another language, especially Japanese.

So, I wondered...

Why do we want to learn Japanese? What keeps us motivated?

Let's share our reason for learning this wonderful language and how we overcome the obstacles that stand in our way.

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NomadicWriter said...

I'm just starting to learn! I've always wanted to learn a different language and I love not only otaku things about japan but its culture etc so it just seems to fit that I want to try and learn more, so i can understand the language of things i love ^_^

I just stated over at my blog that playing battle rondo will be a big motivation to learn, I also might buy a couple of novels, books and manga in japanese to help as motivation as well as watching things in japanese..

but this is probably far in the future as I am still only a noob!

I'll probably find more games and other things in japanese along the way to help motivation wise!

k said...

you reminded me of this interesting article i read many years ago.

Anonymous said...

That would be awesome!! Thankies su!! I'll just go add you now!!

suki said...

@ nomadicwriter.
It's good to read that you are interested in more than just the hobby-related matters ^^
It will be hard but, I think that we can all help each other out during times like this, we all share the same dream after all ^^

I'll be preparing some tips of my own soon, so I do hope that I can assist you with that post when the time comes.

@ k.
Thank you for sharing that link with me, it is indeed an interesting website XD

@ meimi132. Thank you adding me to your blogroll ^^
Yup, it'd be great is we can help each other out! Maybe some IRC channel even!

Phenie said...

I've been self-studying the langauge for close on 5 years now... why?
I just love it, I love the sound of the language, I love the culture behind it, I love the media produced in it, I love the people who speak it, I love the look of it. I love the songs that are sung in it.

I was studying Actuarial Science last year when it hit me - I don't want to do this... I want to learn Japanese... I mean I had been self-studying it for years before, so I really wanted to perfect it... so that's exactly what I did, I put my studies on hold, saved money for a Japanese course in Japan... and now I'm simply awaiting the day I leave...

I believe that as long as you enjoy the language than studying it is never hard - most of my vocabulary comes from songs, simply because I love listening to them. Check out www.lang-8.com if you're studying any foreign language - it's very nice as anything you post is corrected by native speakers, I just found it, but I'm really enjoying using it.

An IRC channel to practice Japanese... I'd idle in it, ^^

Anonymous said...

I started learning in Year 8 and I found that I was really good at it, after coming first in one test. After that I guess I wanted to keep learning the language, taking it up as an elective subject. I did start watching anime, and it probably did spring the urge for me to learn more but I also had this feeling that I must learn the whole language.

I've set a goal to somehow study, work or live in Japan, but that's a few years down the track.

suki said...

@ phenie.
Interesting, you really know your stuff and not to forget, a diligent person ^^
The fruits of your effort have certainly paid off. I wish you well for your plans to go to Japan!

Thank you for commenting on my blog m(_ _)m
I think it's rarer for people to fully appreciate the culture and language; actually wanting to know more about it.
You seem to be heading in the right direction, even picking it up so early!
I understand your feelings of being compelled to learn the language.

Q said...

I've only just started learning it last year, and I admit that learning a new language becomes not as easy as you get older, but it's of course doable as long as you have the passion and time.

I encounter Japanese now and then back, whether it's some products on sale in shops back home or simply browsing through websites ont the Internet. My sister watches a lot of drama and talk shows so she gets quite a bit of exposure on it as she self-learns the langauge.

I personally think that it's a convenience to know at least a bit if you are to face the language quite often, whether it's for hobby-related things or not. It's definitely not an easy language to learn, but it's definitely rewarding when you are slowly getting fluid with it.

suki said...

@ q. I agree, it's possible with enough passion and time. being able to speak another language opens doors of possiblities as well, so really.. we don't have much to lose! ^^