Monday, October 13, 2008

Idle fun


It has been quite some time since my last post, I hope that you are all faring well?
I've realised just how sucky my connection can be so, content heavy blogs are ones that I can't visit often. I apologise if anyone reading this is victim to this m(_ _)m

On the Otaku side of things, I have increased my collection a bit ^-^
Having acquired some visual novels a while back and between my art and other gaming, I've been trying my hand at Tsukihime and Kanon.
They're very good games and I'd recommend them to anyone, really.

Do you play visual novels/eroge? If so, what are you playing at the moment?

Waiting for releases are painful and I'm sure you understand this feeling ;_;
In about two weeks or so, my Tohsaka Rin Figma is scheduled to arrive.. so that is my current countdown.

What are you currently waiting on?

Well, that ends this post. Please look forward to more in future.
'Til we next meet,


k said...

i haven't played any visual novels/eroge latey... but i am waiting on a few figures. all pre-orders so they probably won't arrive anytime soon. ^^

good to see you back blogging. i've been wondering where you've been. ^^

suki said...

@k. Ah, it's a terrible thing to wait but, it's worthwhile ^^
I kind of disappeared from it, had a bit of life things to manage but, I'm staying to my blogging. It's good fun XD

Spectacles said...

Wah! Ive been checking ur blog 4 ages! Glad ur back!
Ive got one order waiting in the background from Akiba. Other than that, the countdown to xmas has begun!
Good 2 read the blogs of fellow Otakus =^_^=

NomadicWriter said...

I havent played a visual novel/eroge yet, I really want too though! But wont be able too for a while because I need a better computer lol.

I've had to actually cancel a lot of my orders because the prices have pretty much doubled in Australian dollars :( so I've kinda gone crazy with my extra cash on anime boxsets haha.

suki said...

@ spectacles. Sorry for the wait ^^;
Funny enough, my preorders are with Akiba as well! They have good items and offer a great service, so I'll stick with them.

@ nomadicwriter. Oh~ Since you haven't played any, should I recommend you some when you do? There are good games out there and some doesn't contain any H-scenes either.

Ouchies >.< I've had my preorders for about 2 months now and I know what you mean, the exchange rate isn't taking kindly to us ;_;