Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy figure releases vs. Sad wallet [pic heavy post]


This post was brought on by the waves of lovely releases that seems to be approaching us in the coming months.
Being enthusiatic about figurines and related items, it is hard to hold back and purchase a few at a time. What can be done about this?
Plan carefully

It's easier said than done but, if you have an idea as to what figurines are being released at certain times, it should make things easier.

That said, here are the figurines that I have my eyes on. Pictures are all (c) Good Smile Company and/or Mikatan's blog. Pics are arranged from most recent announcement of release and only releases from January 2008 - 2009 February are mentioned. Older releases are all on preorder or in the process of ordering. [Images can be enlarged when clicked]

Well, that is pretty much all the figures that I'm aiming for and fairly certain I can get hold of. Some Figma's and Nendoroids have been ommited as I'm not sure if those are within my reach (limited edition).

How are you coping with the release schedules and managing your finances alongside them?

That ends this post.
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Phenie said...

I wants that Yoshika Miyafuji too, she looks so cute ^^;

Haven't been able to buy myself any really nice things recently - need to save all my money for rent, food and bills, especially with this whole dead economy thing. :(
I do keep a little saved for nice things... but only REALLY nice things. (Like I've concerts :P).

Did receive 30ish figures today from a fairy though... love them fairies.

Anonymous said...

4 out of 12 from ur list. Not bad for me as most of them are figmas and nendos. xD

I monthly budget for figures so that's how I manage atm.
85% is goes over the limit so, yeah, I'm not surprised. lol
*Dam impulse moments.* >_<

suki said...

@ phenie.
Miyafuji is very cute indeed; though I have a feeling Sanya and Lucchini will sell even better XD

Oh~ You're lucky! True, it is harder to budget when you have living costs but thanks to the fairies, you don't have to worry about spending all your cash on figurines now, right?

@opticzone. Thank you for commenting on my blog m(_ _)m

Impulse buying will never leave us, there are just too many good figurines out there.
GSC is pretty cruel (in a good way) with their release list though >_>

Spectacles said...

Its so tough!! Anime has made me (happily) broke :P

I made a post in response to urs

Spectacles said...


suki said...

@ spectacles. ^^; Seems like budgeting has gotten just a bit harder.
At least we're happy now!
Thanks for providing me with a link and setting up a reply post m(_ _)m