Monday, October 27, 2008

Career Choices


After thinking about many career choices that are available to us, I've noticed that some Otaku tend to follow a path rather close to their hobbies. It may be writing, designing, illustrating, programming or figure sculpting.
This is a very brave and admirable idea and those who wish to pursue a path like this one tend to be happier with their experiences. Danny Choo is a good example of a good business-person, Hobbyist and mentor. He allows us to feel that we can still succeed even if our aims may not fulfill those around us.

This particular image from Lucky Star is a good description as well, even though it is a fairly humourous scene.

Is your career path related to your Otaku hobbies?

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Anonymous said...

My career atm is not related. It's a (boring) desktop job but I can make free time to my otaku hobbies.
Well... not always, cause my manager doesn't know. lol

Maikaru said...

Yes,I want to have a career in relation with my otaku indulgences! Just like Danny!

Ganbatte! XDD

suki said...

@ opticzone. I, too, have a desktop/office job so I know what you mean about it being boring XD

@ maikaru. Thank you for commenting on my blog m(_ _)m

I wish you well in finding a career path that is both successful and related to your hobbies.

blood on the mirror said...

Haha I am taking up a Computer Course...

so that means game programming for me!

However I kinda want to think twice. Maybe I'll just go to design instead.

suki said...

@ blood on the mirror. Why don't you consider doing a Job Shadow then? I did it back in high school, it gave me a better perspective, so maybe it could help you?
I wish you well with your choices!

blood on the mirror said...

@Suki> What do you mean by Job Shadow?

I took up an internship over the summer. It was pretty interesting.

suki said...

@ blood on the mirror.
To Job Shadow, is depending a certain time in the career of your choice, trying to get a feel for it.
It helps if you need a bit more direction ^-^