Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Otaku and merchandise


A slightly different post for today. It's a question to the female Otaku out there though; I don't mind males answering either ^-^

There are a few figurines which are made with the intent of revealing more of the body than others but, there is others which just happen to be revealing in one instance.
Whichever you prefer of the two, if your friends and family do not approve of your hobby, it may be hard to display these types of figurines...

What is your reaction to a figurine that suits your tastes but, you are unable to display it for certain reasons?

Personally, I avoid any figurine that exposes more than a bunny-girl figure would. It is a sad thing as there are many figurines that grab my interest but, cannot be displayed due to their appearance ^^;

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Spectacles said...

Personally, Im not a fan of half-naked figurines. I can appreciate their value and craftsmanship, but find that naked figurines detract from the figurine itself. Sumtimes theyre half naked just for the sake of it, just so men will drool over them. It just cheapens figurines. Theyre the Playboy to the Vogue (>_<)

Phenie said...

Male, so I'm sure this is pretty much assumed, but...

I have no problems, if it's a good figure then I'll be happy to get it. The new Pollonic Girls figure is awesome in my opinion, so I'm sure I'll pick one up when it releases (in damn March?!).

At the moment the only overly naked ones I have are trading figures, but I'm expecting a large load of figures soon, might be more in there. ^^;

puppy52doll said...

Hallo thanks for dropping by my site :) I linked up to U ^^/
I actually do not have too many figures partly couldn't justify getting so many as we don't have places to display them lol also I can't make clothing for figures with a still pose ^^;

suki said...

@ spectacles. Lolols, I understand what you mean. I guess it's a matter of "to each his own", in the end.

@ phenie. It's your hobby so you are free to like what you wish ^^

I don't mind the figurines but, I wouldn't own them either. I guess that's how most Otaku-girls would think ^^;

@ puppy52doll. You're very welcome. Thank you for visiting my blog ^^
From what I've seen your doll and figure collection is very nice so far ^^