Thursday, October 16, 2008

Put your eroge face on!


The title of this post is self-explanatory XD
After reading a post on Danny Choo's site (forgive me for not getting the link), I wondered about something...

Are you able to remain calm and collected while playing eroge? Does living at home have you nervous or anything like it?

Picture below is Osana Najimi from Doujin Work. ^^; I guess you could consider that my eroge face >.<

Well that ends this post
'Til we next meet


Anonymous said...

I can't give u an honest answer because I never played an eroge game before. lol

I will let u know what kinda face I will have when I do. Maybe I might even draw it for u. xD

Phenie said...

Back in my first few years of eroge I remember always been nervous playing them... I always played them at night to avoid strange glares.

After awhile though when everyone in my family became used to the otaku me they didn't seem to care really, so I played whenever I have time, I still get strange glares from my parents sometimes but they really didn't seem to care.

Now that I live alone I guess none of that matters though, I'm happy to play them whenever I find the time... unfortunately that's not very often. ;_;

suki said...

@ Opticzone. Thank you for letting me know, even going as far as possibly drawing it
^-^ I am honoured
I hope that you enjoy your first game and if you need any recommendations, you can ask me (not that I know much ^^; )

@ phenie. Yes, I agree on the nervous part ^^;
It's good to read that you don't have any awkwardness as a result of playing eroge. Sorry to read that you don't have the time to play them ;_;

I don't think my parents would take kindly to it since I’m a girl but, my brother knows that I play them >.> We're quite close so it's not a bad thing that he knows.