Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hobbies: deep or not?


This is a simple question that I have for my dear readers out there ^-^
We all have similar interests, sometimes our interests vary but, we can still appreciate those differences.

Just how deeply involved are you with your hobbies?
Do you feel that it takes up a lot of your time, how do you feel about that?

Someone that I care for greatly told me, "Do not confuse your hobbies with your life".

It seems like a simple statement at first but, upon further thought... it is not. Being passionate about something, in itself, is not bad. Having your passions replace your life, is not an event that we choose.
We make it happen.
How one ensures that this delicate balance is preserved is simply the power of the mind. If we are aware of the difference between reality and our passions, we should be able to control it.

Let's hope that we can all achieve this while still enjoying our hobbies!

That ends this post
'Til we next meet


Spectacles said...

Well I personally think that hobbies make life enjoyable. What else is there, besides work, school, friends, family? Ur hobbies. Theyre those activities that make ur life ur own, that u do becoz u enjoy them, not becoz u have 2. My hobbies are dear 2 me, they keep me sane and remind me who I am (=^_^=)
They do indeed have their time and place. But at the same time, they influence who we make friends with, wat job we get into/do, the music we enjoy, etc. So in sum ways, hobbies and life are the same thing.

suki said...

@ spectacles. Oh~ When you put it that way, I agree ^^
It's nice to be able to share your hobbies, I think that's an extra special feeling.

Phenie said...

Everything I've done for the past year all started because of my love for anime in a sense, so my hobbies are kind of structuring my life at the moment, which I think is a good thing... ^^;

I hope to find a permanent job that involves anime/figures/games etc - as everyone says the best kind of work is the kind you enjoy, which is essentially getting a job involving your hobbies, ne?

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't let my hobbies take over what's important to me. I have priorities (for eg. work, chores etc.) but at times I can delegate to suit both needs. ^^

Spectacles said...

My whole circle of closest friends are huge otaku's, even my BF lol


Its awesome when I can get excited about a new figurine and my friends share my excitement ^_^*

ron~ said...

your friend is a wise one :)

it's more like the level of obsessiveness with your hobby, don't let the passion of your hobby take over your life :)

suki said...

@ phenie. I think everyone wants a job they love... well, if you ignore money ^^;
I hope that your future shapes into what you're aiming for ^^

@ opticzone.Thank you for commenting on my blog m(_ _)m
That is a powerful trait you have there! It can be hard to delegate at times XD

@ spectacles. Lolols, I'm in pretty much the same situation, minus the boyfriend XD
I guess everyone has a Genshiken like experience

@ ~ron. Thank you for commenting on my blog m(_ _)m
Actually, my mom told me that XD She is really supportive of my hobbies ^^
I agree, being obsessed and being passionate about something are different matters.

Q said...

While it is great to have a career or a direction that is enjoyable or is related to your interests, not everyone have the freedom or luxury to enjoy it. When that happens, hobby becomes a motivation that keeps one going in the hard times.

suki said...

@q. I totally agree ^^
Hobbies can save at times.. it's a very interesting scenario!