Thursday, October 30, 2008

Substitutes & Referrences


An interesting trait that I've noticed as of late, Otaku tend to draw referrences and substitutes quite often.
Perhaps this is not limited to Otaku only but, the manner is somewhat removed from those who aren't involved with Otaku-related matters.

Below is an example (excuse the overexposure ^^;):

"Marvellous Maids"
Once I read that title, I couldn't help but think of the idea of a Meido, immdeiately I drew referrences from various places... despite the fact that the idea of maids here differs greatly from the 'Meido' we see in anime and related places.

As for the substitutes:

The "Choc Stix" on the right has been a stable substitute for Pocky for many years, or so I'm inclined to think.
While "Gap" is a product from Thailand, it is the next best thing to Pocky to Otaku here is SA.
If all else fails, I may very well be the only one who thinks so ^^;;

Do you have subsitutes or draw referrences?

Well, that ends this post.
'Til we meet again,


Spectacles said...

Hey Suki!! Just 2 let u know I put a link 2 ur blog under my favourite links :P

Oh and heres a cupcake =^_^=

suki said...

Thank you very much for the add
m(_ _)m

**hands spectacles a big box of Pocky**