Monday, September 22, 2008

Site Cleaning | Air Show | Presidential Resignation


As you may have noticed, the banner has been changed! It features Takaze Mizuki from the Comic Party game made by Leaf (Leaf-fangirl here)
The banner may rotate every now and then; it's a bit hard to say right now though. The text on the banner hurts my eyes but, for the life of me, I can't seem to get rid of it ^^;
There are simply too many adorable characters out there, don't you think?

How were you able to choose your banner mascot?

The weekend presented a lovely event, the International Air Show!
A full write up as well as a Flickr link is being prepared, though the size of the pictures is a bit concerning ^^;
Please look forward to it!

Not really relating to the site or hobbies...
The president of South Africa has resigned.
Normally local politics would simply tire me out and I'd lose interest but, this is big news.
The elections will most probably be moved closer and this would move my first time of voting nearer.
A daunting task, I think.

Have you had the opportunity to vote? Do you follow the politics of your country?

T_T Been double-checking myblogroll list and somehow, with the changes added... my blogrolls have disappeared! Will add what I can but, otherwise, please comment if you would like to be added m(_ _)m

That ends this post.
'Til we next meet,



k said...

well, i've been reading about south africa's current predicament in the news too. was he a good president?

suki said...

@ k. Well, the best way to put it is:
He did a alot of good outside of his own country, there wasn't much to boast about of his achievements in South Africa either.

WIth that as the current situation, voting has become just a little bit harder ^^;

NomadicWriter said...

lol my blogroll disapeared the other day also, but I just thought that was because I transfered my site to domain? lol love the new banner! she's really kawaii!
for the flickr sizes, I've just recently got an account also but am lucky my blog is the right size, I coul suggest changing your layout - its quite easy to get a wide range by looking up blogger themes on google ^_^ thats how I found mine.
I've had to vote twice since i turned 18 now, first time I knew what was going on second time around, which was only a few weeks ago i had no clue lol.
Goodluck Voting!!

suki said...

@ nomadicwriter.
Seems like we're both chasing after bloglinks now >__<
Thanks for the tip, I kinda forgot about custom blog layouts ^^;
But, I'll be sure to look for a good one or just make my own!
Thanks for the vote of good luck, seems like I'll need it as I have no clue who to vote for just yet ^^;