Thursday, September 18, 2008

Otaku battle: Manga, novels & anime

Just a short little post today. This was inspired after I realised just how much time I spent reading manga this week ^^;

Among Otaku, there are preferences between favoured things, such as anime, novels and manga.
There are many debates as to what may be the superior between them but, one rule is imminent. A beautiful, undiscovered world can be found in all of them.

Which do you prefer between those and why?

'Til we next meet,


Persocom-san said...

I can't decide which I like most. I admit I watch more anime than I read manga or novels, but that doesn't mean that anime is superior. I enjoy them all equally depending on the content. Anime stirs up the emotions a bit more than reading for me though, and manga and novels are easy on the eyes when I just can't look at a computer screen any longer. I suppose it all comes down to preference. I enjoy them all equally, although in order of what I spend more time watching/reading it would be anime>manga>novels

suki said...

@ persocom-san.
Interesting ^^
I've met more people that seem to enjoy anime more than manga these days, I guess it has to be the combination of picutres, music and voices? Best of three worlds or something like that XD

k said...

you're right about discovering an undiscovered world!

Phenie said...

I'm definitely more of an anime person than anything else. I watch the upcoming releases, and try pretty much every new series that starts, normally following through with at least half of them. Manga wise I only ever read my favorite genres - but the thing is that most of my best mangas are very quickly made into animes, which I tend to prefer (Toradora being the most recent one coming to mind - loved the manga and now eagerly awaiting the anime.)

Novels... I've only ever read the Hanbun no Tsugi ga Noboru Sora, and Mushiuta novels. I enjoyed both of them, but I'd say it's my worst form of media, simply cause it takes the most time ^^;

And then the one your forgot - games! I'm a fond lover of renai games and eroge, I spend a lot of my time playing them, more than I've ever spent reading manga or novels at least. I think my preimary reason for preferring the degital media is the voice actors - I love following my favourite voice actors and what/where they are going to be heard next. I remember playing Little Busters when Kudravka said "kyan ai supiiku jyapanisu?" or Rin hissing like a cat when people tried fighting each other with cats as weapons... ah... I need to replay that game.

Can't wait for many a game to be made into anime. ^^;

NomadicWriter said...

I havent read a novel thats turned into an anime or manga yet, but i love anime and manga although I dont think I would prefer one over the other as both have their good and bad points.
although if i read a manga before I watch the anime I tend to be a bit more picky about it, but I always find the good in pretty much anything i read or watch.
Which do you prefer?

Q said...

Hmph, although I admit that manga and novels tend to have more content in terms of details and story, I still watch anime (when I have the time) as having sound, graphics, and animation seems quite an experience, and I usually watch short series (50 or fewer episodes) so it's sustainable.

Manga tend to take a long time to draw so anime tend to catch up too quickly and shove in some fillers instead, unless they're planning to do a different story to the manga (which is true for shorter anime series such as Sola & Claymore etc).

Some would work well in anime, such as mechs and gundams, but others that are adaptations of original manga or novels tend not to do as well, but there's always goods and bads out of all of them.

I for now watch Code Geass R2 weekly and read Shana novels when I am waiting for transport or something like that.

suki said...

@ k.
Lolols, it's just a little trip to ignore the 'real' world for a bit :P

@ phenie.
True, anime has the advantage of more than one form of expression, such as music and voice-acting.
I did not forget ergo and visual novels, for they lay at a different level, in my opinion. It seems to be a different world to anime yet, it can be enjoyed in a similar manner.
I have yet to play Little Busters, the art is lovely, and from the bit I've seen.

@ nomadicwriter.
I agree with you, reading a manga and then watching the anime tends to make you picky about its content.
As I mentioned, there are different worlds to discover in each, so depending on the time.. I'll favour one over the others.
Like, I'll have a 'manga week', 'anime marathon' or have a bit of both!

@ q.
Between a busy schedule, it's always harder to make time. I understand that :(
Anime seems to hold the advantage but, there is definitely a certain expression of detail in books and manga, that anime can't reach.
Once again, a world that hasn't been discovered is present in all of them ^^

zenical said...

I watch more anime.. When I had not much use of the computer, I went for manga.. manga was the only thing keeping me going. Lol.. Until now, I totally love anime more. Of course once the series end I'll go to the manga (what a bad habit =X) I don't get spoiled but I get kinda bored because some of the scenes in the manga have been shown in the anime. Yeah. But overall I can't decide.. Some anime have better manga story, while some have better anime plot/storyline. XD

suki said...

@ zenical. I suppose that anime has its clear advantages over manga, such as fansubs, licensing and being animated... room for non-static scenes in other words.
Comparing manga to that would be wrong so, I guess they have their own strengths and probably a result of that... we pick and choose between them ^^