Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tiredness ~_~


This is not much of a post, sadly. I have planned and scheduled future posts but, have not made the time to type them up ^^;
The last meetup I had is partially to blame, as I've gotten hold of many anime series. Watching anime til the early hours of the morning may be fun but, sooner or later... those late nights catch up to you.
There's the issue of other tasks as well.. so, essentially this tiredness is my own responsiblity...

On a lighter note, I hope to attend a local Air Show on the 20 September! I have not been able to attend since two years ago and I'm quite excited to see what will be on display. I hope to take pics but, I still can't find my battery charger... I feel like Osaka T___T

Finally, I'm thinking of giving the site a change! since I've been invited ot do a banner exchange, I wanted to change it but, I've been a bit lost.
I hope to find a banner that you'll all like ^-^

Until we next meet,


k said...

good luck on your banner design! ^^

suki said...

@ k. Thanks a lot! Still choosing between a few ^^;

Q said...

Banner exchange? Would that be e2046? Anyway looking forward to see your banner~

Wow you get to attend an air show! I haven't experienced one personally, but I've got photos from a friend of mine in the UK who attends the Air Tattoo every year.

suki said...

@ q. The banners exchange is indeed, e2046! I've narrowed my choices down, now to get working on a few banners XD

I'll be sure to post pics (as soon as I find my camera battery) and an in-depth look at the Air Show. I'm really excited; there should be more foreign aircraft this year too!