Thursday, November 6, 2008

Figma Rin | Nendoroid Yuki | Shinki Strarf Pics!


After a day of delay, an email of concern, much panic ... she has arrived! I placed my preorder for my Tohsaka Rin Figma back in August sometime and she finally arrived!
It has been a painful wait but, now that she's here I can feel at ease ^-^

As I had not uploaded my Busou Shinki or Nendoroid Yuki pics yet.. the Flickr link will lead to a collection of pics which I had taken last night.
You may see a difference in the pics, if this is a good change, then I am doing something right >.<

Photobucket link~

On a random note, as I started playing with Rin, my mother asked which order of child she is...
Yes, they are my precious children and Rin is the 14th one!
My lovely family is growing~

How big is your figure family?

Well, that ends this post
‘Til we next meet,


blood on the mirror said...

Hehe cool!

Rin is my 10th'll see her in my first November post.

You also have the Nendo Yuki! Even cuter!

This is Minaru btw.

blood on the mirror said...

Ooh you already went to my site!

Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous said...

lol. I know like... 3 people who are RDJ fans.... 4 actually... 5 including me hehe.

Anonymous said...

Finally u got her. Congratz.
That's a long anxious wait. I would have gotten a heart attack by then. :P

The flickr link requires me to log in. -_-

If i count all the nendo petit I have, I know I have over 50. ^^

Adding u to my blogroll. ^^

PS: I can't add my new domain as u don't have the Name/URL option enabled.
My new domain is:

suki said...

@ blood on the mirror.
Thank you for visiting my site
m(_ _)m
Wows, so lucky! 10 Figma's already D:
I love my Rin, it's pretty fun to reenact scenes or just create new ones... now I understand the temptation of Figmas ;_;

@ meimi132. Lolols, that may be a small number but, I'm sure the level of fandom is high ^^

@ opticzone. Thank you for adding me to your blogroll and congratulations on the new domain!

Oops, I'll change the options so you can see the pics, my bad ^^;
Yes, it was a long wait but, totally worthwhile! I understand the love for Figma now ^-^

Anonymous said...

Cant access your pics either :/

So you bought a Strarf Shinki?Cool!

My figure family should be around 23 figures right now and 2 are on the way to their new cozy home

suki said...

@ Dackel03. Oh~ Sorry about that ^^;
I've updated the link now.
Wow, your family is pretty big! Almost on 15 figurines... that seems like an unreachable number for me
m(_ _)m