Wednesday, November 19, 2008

El Figure | LAN | College


I few events have occurred and approach me during this time.
Firstly, I have pictures of my newest figurine to share. She is more of a sculptor's figurine and not particularly related to any franchise.

The following pics may appear to have better lighting; I (with the help of my dad) made a photography box.
Sadly, I am not yet accustomed to my camera and somehow managed to either blur of capture part of the box in ^^;
I do hope that you can enjoy the pictures, nonetheless >.<

As some of my fellow DC readers may know, I have been accepted into College!
My dream of pursuing a career in Graphic Design is within my reach and now I'll be doing my best to prove myself.

How did you first react when you got into College/managed to get a job?

Finally, I am attending a LAN after many years. The LAN in itself is quite a big one, hosting 200+ people and lasting 3 days long.
As I am buying pc upgrades to day, I should be able to play with more ease , however, it's been a while since I've gamed competitively so, I'm sure I'll be rusty ;_;

Do you enjoy LANs or online gaming?

Well, that ends this post.
'Til we next meet,


k said...

what game will you be playing?

suki said...

@ k. The games available will b e:
Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2 , Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Source, Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, Natural Selection , Quake 3, Quake 4, Savage, Starcraft, Unreal Tournament 2004 and some new ones.

I'll be playing Unreal, Counterstrike, Star Craft, Quake and will be trying the others for the first time ^^;
Finally have a card strong enough to handle it >.<

Anonymous said...

Nice figure you got there! I wouldnt mind her in my collection^^

Hmm...what did i do when i got accepted back then?Probably jump around screaming like a girl ^^;

My LAN Days are long gone...Its great to see that Quake 3 Arena is still played nowadays.I absolutely loved it.

Whats your gamernick?

suki said...

@ dackel03.
Thanks, I'm glad that you like her ^^
She's a bit hard to come by these days though ^^;

Quake is very good, though I've always been more of an Unreal fan XD
I haven't LAN in ages but, I've always gone by 'suki' these days, that may chage to 'panzersuki' if 'suki' is already taken ^-^

5NAKE said...

Nic Figure! Quite different one compare the others one you have.

What made you decide to purchase if I may ask? :)

Glad yo hear that you becoming a Graphic Design. Are you planning to start next year?

suki said...

@ 5nake. Domo ^^
I bought her because I really like the detail and her design.. I guess that's all there is to it >.<

My course starts in February 2009 >.<
So excited!

5NAKE said...

@suki. Good reason to have the figure then. ;)

Good stuff I hope you get everything prepare in Feb 09 then! :D Wish the best of luck. :)

suki said...

@ 5nake. Thank you very much! I've gotten my year planner... and is it full ^^;