Monday, November 17, 2008

Updates, thoughts and between


This is more of an in between post while I wait for a few figurines to arrive.
It has been quite some time that I have done a 'Life' Post, they won't be too often though.

I've ordered a figurine that I had my eyes on but, as it was not a character/series related item, I avoided it.

Do you have certain figurines/items that you avoid due to company or sculptor?

Another random question,

How do you feel after reciving a series that you've waited for so long?

This question stems from the fact I hva erecently gotten 'Serial Experiments Lain' which was one of the first anime I had wanted after I started to involve myself deeper into anime, manga and everything alike.

Well, that ends this (rather dry) post.
'Til we next meet,


JF said...

There are some sculptors I avoid. I don't generally keep their names handy, but usually evidence of who-sculpted shows in the design of the face etc.

I used to avoid Kotobukiya sculpts in the past because of the 'Kotobukiya Shine' that was so prevalent in the flesh-sculpt of figures they were creating. It can really throw the look off - makes it look almost Mattel-Barbie like. ugh.

I much prefer the soft, near-matte skintones of the more recent GSC/Koto stuff coming out.

As for ordering up oldschool series - I tend to do the same. Once I finish a fansub anime, if I really like it, I'll pick it up. But only once it goes on special. I never buy individual dvds, because they /always/ come out later in a box set with extra goodies and lower overall price. XD

Don't fret on a 'dry' post. Discussion is important. There's more to the person posting than just otakuism, learning more about posters are good too!

Take care!


suki said...

@ jf.
I find that the quality of the sculpt can either my urge to support a certain company or start a new interest altogether.

It may be better to wait as far as box sets are concerned but, that also leaves the result of limited availability as an issue >.<

Thank you for the kind words ^-^
I won’t make habit of deviating from hobby posts but, I'll throw the difference in here and there.

k said...

not really. i usually just get those i like

suki said...

@ k. I see, it is a smart choice ^-^
Otherwise, you'd spend unnecessarily XD

Q said...

Agree with k, if I like it and I think it's worth the money I'd buy it. Otherwise I won't be willing to use up more money and space for it.