Monday, September 14, 2009

Year End | Catching Up | Promotion(s) | Okaeri, burogu-chan~


It has been a long time, my dear friends~ (^-^);;;
In the time of our lack of communication, what have you all been up to?
I do hope to catch up with all the blog entries I've missed, truly m(_ _)m

With a little more than a month left of the first year of my Graphic Design course it's hard to believe that so much time has gone by. Just two more years and then I'll have my Diploma and if all goes well, I hope to get my Bachelor of Arts degree overseas... perhaps too hopeful >.<;; For my readers, do you plan to study abroad? If you're already doing so, how do you find the experience? If there's one thing that college students' love, it has to be free items wwwww Having put a little money aside for an LCD monitor, I never expected for one to march my way, at no cost at all D: Yes, this had to be one of my greater material surprises since my Katana set XD Have you had any surprise gifts this year?

New monitor-chan~

As mentioned above, the end of my college year is approaching. Not only is this time for reflecting it's also a time to devote to my hobbies and other responsibilities. Will be relearning all the code I've managed to forget since I started college, attend a few LANs, grab that cup of Italian hot chocolate I've been craving, go on a date XD;;; wwwww only in VN games, Join the Kenjutsu/Kyudo dojo, NEET mode, catch up on anime and manga, tie up personal art projects and finally, try to get my driver's license. Maybe I'll get a holiday job too, who knows... >_>;;;

With many big plans ahead and at least 3 months holiday ahead of me, I hope to spend it wisely with everyone *___*
If you've figured a rough plan for the holiday, what do you have in mind?

Well, that ends this post
Till we next meet,


Q said...

Long time no see, it's good to see you back!

Despite the fact that I've been blogging consistently, I had a rough time in general. Hope this is not the case for you.

My holiday is coming to an end soon. Hope you'll get to enjoy yours thoroughly!

Blowfish said...

So who are you again?


Just kidding ^^

I never got any free stuffs while I was studying.Lucky you!
Never had such a nice long break either.Im starting to get jealous...

Enjoy your free time ^_^

suki said...

@ Q. Good to hear from you as well! Ouchies, I do hope that things will look up for you in future! ^-^

@ Blowfish. Ouchies ^^; Thought you were serious for a second XD;
Maybe you should move to SA? Or not since figures cost an arm and leg... ^^;