Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Holidays | Toradora Complete | Time for personal works!


It's been a little while since the last entry, I have missed you all m(_ _)m

If you are celebrating your holiday right now, how are you enjoying it?

This holiday has been a hasty though not stressful race of catch-up. Catch-up as in personal projects that can't be done while at college.

Not that college is a bad thing but, it certainly cuts the time down or is that just bad time management? (^_^);;;

Some shows that I've finally caught up on over the course of this new year:

- Air

- Angelic Layer

- Doujin Work

- K-On!

- Kannagi

- Kasimasi ~ Girl meets Girl ~

- Minami Ke

- Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

- Toradora

Some of these are pretty old but, as they're downloaded over time it is not the quickest way of watching them. Having just completed Toradora last night it is still fresh in my mind. It's also a show that holds personal relevance to me so... that may have helped me to enjoy it even more (*>.<*)

Apart from anime, there are a few doujinshi titles but, sadly no manga at the moment. Manga happens to be one of my favourite Otaku indulgences. No Visual novels either but, there's a few games I'm playing now too.

Please try Osu! If you're into rhythm games~

Part of the personal projects is the site update, of course. It has been a long wait and hopefully things will go better this time round.

I've found that having a blog can be a good motivator; do you feel that way too?

Well, this ends a rather short post

'Til we next meet,



blood on the mirror said...

Hey long time no see!

I'm doing alright. am not on vacation though.

Persocom said...

I find that having a blog works as a motivator and de-motivator as well at times. I'm also catching up on missed/dropped/on hold anime right now, currently on the Higurashi series. Toradora is one of my top 10 anime since I saw it, I absolutely loved it and it seemed to end so soon. I miss Toradora.

Lightning Sabre said...

Hmm I feel like that too about blogging. I feel somewhat motivated to share a part of my life ^^;

Anonymous said...

hey hey. i was just wondering...where do you download your anime cause im really struggling to find a decent site to download from. at the momunt im downloading on utorrent but it kinda takes way to long and that aint really cool.

suki said...

@ blood on the mirror. Glad to read that you're well! Now that year end is approaching, do you have any holidays coming up?

@ Persocom. Ah, we all suffer at the hand of RL it seems XD Toradora, although spread thin in some areas, was a really good anime and I, too, will miss it~ TwT

@ Lightning Sabre. Perhaps that is the sentiment applied to blogging in general, hence the success of the blog? Whoever came up with net blogging must be rich somewhere XD
I agree, It's quite fun and somewhat liberating to share a part of your life with others ^-^~

@ Anonymous. Google is your friend ^o^ You'll be pretty surprised at what you can find. The trick is in how you word your searches. Search engine sites are also good.

That's all there is too it, I guess~ Not supplying links for now, don't really want to be in advertising just yet ;) Hope that helps!