Friday, June 19, 2009

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So, this entry is being posted a bit before my mid-year moderation and about 9 hours away from the 3 day LAN. You can almost smell the air of the holiday approaching!

Starting with the rather good news! This may not have been mentioned on the blog before but, I'm pretty certain to have said it on Danny Choo's site somewhere. Almost two years ago, I lost a brand new copy of Robot volume 3. It was still sealed and bought just after leaving high school, a treat to myself... in a way ^^; Strangely, I had searched in a part of the cupboard which was unnoticed before.. and there it was.
After all the trouble, it is pleasing to have it sitting comfortably next to its fellow volumes ^-^~

Have you ever found old/lost merch and how did you find your experience?

With the Ritsu-mode cancelled and the sale of the Roland keyboard over. My wallet has gained a lovely R1000 (about $100, more ike $120) of *pure* money.
Pure as in money that is suitable for spending on non-college related stuffs. There is still much thought on what to buy... =__=;;;

Have you ever been in a situation where you simply could not decide what to buy?

How did you overcome it?

Real life is so different to VN's and eroge. We know this already, just found it interesting that the latter is much easier *>.>* :cough:

Aaand holidays are finally here! It has been a whirlwind of a year, filled with many acquaintances, memories, lessons, nuances, fan-girling and much more. I look forward to a lovely second half of the year with you. Keep your eyes open for posts on suki desho as it'll be active again~
I also look forward to catching up on all my readers, fellow bloggers and bookmarks posts.
Please have a wonderful and safe holiday! m(_ _)m

That ends this post.

'Til we next meet,

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