Friday, June 5, 2009

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It has been an extremely long time since my previous post and generally a long time since being online in a 'regular' fashion.
That said, I have missed you all terribly TwT Whether I read your blog or you mine, whether we communicate on Dannychoo or not, whether we chat via msn or not... I miss it all! TT____TT A solution approaches and that is holiday!

When are you celebrating your holiday and what are your plans, if any?

Next weekend, the 19th to 21 June, I hope to attend a LAN. If you've been following my blog since last year... this is the 3 day LAN that happens monthly in my country. This year onii-chan and I are attending together, of course many of our friends will be there too. After the long months of college, intense gaming is in order! (b^o^)7

For my readers, do you attend any LANs? If so, what type of games or games do you enjoy most?

Personally, I'm into my strategy/FPS>RTS stuff mainly though I play anything that appeals to me.

Not really a rant but, something that I'd like to share with you.
Entering college can be good and bad, especially if you're stuck buying art supplies every day, week or month... and still have college fees to attend to as well. Sadly, Suki has not bought any figurines, manga or anything of the sort due to this. I imagine that I'm not the only one going through this so...

How do you cope with this situation or do you rebel? [rebel rebel (b^_~)]

For those of you who may be wondering, college life is really exciting. Although my course is Graphic Design, the college is Fine Arts based and as a result our course gives us firm foundations in both computer and fine arts.
An idea of the subjects we take: Photography, Illustration, Figure Drawing, History of Art (Theory),Research (AKA Free period), Printmaking, Communication, Design, DTP, Object Drawing, Alternative Media and Jewellery Design (also 3D-based design).

It's a full schedule and certain classes would appear more frequently than others but, that's okay.
The exam is an essay, which has to be written in 5 days....
That's better than regular testing, I suppose. The exam will be given to us on Monday... gambarimasu! >___<

Finally, if I haven't missed anything, there's good news on the other spectrum of my hobbies!
suki has always wanted to play drums and so, after confirming with the parents... it wouldn't work TwT [That was back then when] [Present] suki now has both the opportunity to get her DRUMS!!!! I'll still be writing music and possibly playing other instruments as well but now is the time for DRUMS~ (>/^o^)>/ [It's supposed to be playing drums...lolols, just made that smiley now ^^;]

Do you play any instruments or would like to, if so, which one(s)?

Holidays will start after the theory and practical exams.. so lets hope we can all meet (properly) once its all over >__<
Pic is from K-on! Which I've been following between college projects~

"moe moe today, moe moe tomorrow... everyday is moe day" suki

Well, that ends this post

'Til we meet again,


Eclair said...

Ritsu mode? Does that mean you'll wear a yellow hair band, have short hair and cosplay as her too?!?!
Currently having a 2week holiday till 21 June. There are lots of things I want to do and hope I'll be able to accomplish them all ^^;
As for LAN, have not entered one for years. Lost interest in LAN games as I changed to eroge and the likes... /shifty eyes
Played the piano for about a year already. Thanks to the hectic school schedule I hardly practiced for the past few months T__T
I agree, we should have moe everyday ^^ Let's enjoy our holidays \^o^/

suki said...

@ Eclair. Lolols, well.. since the perfect drums were sold.. sadly I retired the drum dream and now I'm doing guitar (which is my second love XD)

Ah, two week long holiday... lucky! I bet you're enjoying it! Are you in NEET mode yet? ;)

Lolols, no need for shifty eyes 'cos I play eroge too though, haven't been playing as of late. I might grab a game or two at the LAN.

Gah, don't you wish there were more time for relaxing? Though we'd all be lazy otaku and that'd be bad XD;;;

**presents Eclair with Mio in meido outfit**
Moe moe kyuuun~

Persocom said...

I have never participated in a LAN, though I do play a few online games, lately mostly just Pangya, but in the past quite a few different MMORPGs. As for not being able to afford figures... though I'm not in college, I basically rebel if I'm not supposed to get something, I do it anyways and figure out how to deal with the missing money later XD I do use a bit of caution if money is already low though, and I try not to go overboard. One or two figures doesn't usually hurt. I play the bass (I have two) and I play drums and keyboard a little bit, including hand drums (djembe and darbukka). I enjoy playing instruments but I don't do it as often as I'd like. Anyways looking forward to seeing you around more ^^

suki said...

@ Persocom. Lolols, seems like you are A-okay with your spending habits. I admire that as I can't really spend as I am now... though, in time ^^;

Good to read that you're involved in playing so many different instruments. Music is both enjoyable and therapeutic ^-^