Monday, June 15, 2009

Art Exhibition | LAN approaching | Merchandise WANT Galore


With exams over, we are now preparing for the mid-year art exhibition at college. Since the theory part of the exam is over, part of the exhibition is the display of our practical works that we've created over the last few months, which will be marked or remarked... depending on which you prefer.
Since I've chosen to redo certain works, your mark will be set to a new average, I'm currently completing old and new works.

There is also the opportunity to create an artwork on a wooden block (mini canvas of sorts) and sell it! Well... the money goes towards the college but, it's good publicity.. which every starting artist values greatly!
Not a bad compensation before a long, 3 week-or-so break, isn't it?
As said on twitter... NEET mode on!

Anyone else planning on going into NEET mode this holiday, at least partially....?

The LAN is near...
Bring on the three days worth of gaming, leeching and all round madness!!!

Any madness planned in your side?

There's been many delicious figure, manga, anime, plamo, doujin, music etc. releases over the last few months, any of them on your want list?

Well, this ends a short little post [trying to post more]
'Til we meet again,


Persocom said...

I wish there was a little more madness on my side. That's pretty cool you're going to do a wood block art. There's tons of merchandise I want to get too, I'm about to suffer from the consequences of too much impulse buying though, so I have to take it easy and hold back. I've pretty much been getting what I wanted lately, with a few exceptions.

suki said...

@ Persocom. I am glad to know that you were able to mostly get hold of the figs you were aiming for. It's always a pleasing development~

I think we all suffer from impulse buying, in a way XD