Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mistakes in anime or Not part.3


Though on holiday, been sneaking between work and college ^^; So, as a treat, I've watched a bit of anime now and then [lies, it was withdrawal XD XD]

While watching K-On! episode 10, I noticed an animation error! **gasp gasp**
In the first picture, you'll see Ritsu wearing a yellow headband, which we see in most of the series.

In the second pic, however, she is wearing a white headband. The white headband is work the entire duration of episode 10. So the "phantom yellow headband" was a mistake, it seems.
Tsk tsk, what were the quality checkers doing ^_~

It certainly was a cute episode so, we won't hold the little error against the animators ^_^

Well, that ends this post
'Til we meet again


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