Wednesday, September 30, 2009

College | PC Mac battle! XD


Since College is now a big part of my life, I thought I'd share some bits on it every now and then. A few RL friends know well that I am not a Mac fan ^-^; As someone studying Graphic Design, it may seem blasphemous, lolols.

Honestly, I've had bad experiences with *real* Mad fanboys and fangirls so I've learned to slowly appreciate the Mac through my own opinion and not that of the general fan world.

Mac is pretty fun and simple though, I must admit that I'm pretty comfortable with my own personal customizations I've made in Windows. I guess I'm finicky about any OS really XD

Do you customize your pc settings to suit your preferences?

What are your thoughts on the Mac?

Click to enlarge, ne~

A screencap of the Mac I use at college. Lolols, have named my flash drive "Kyon" XD

Do you name your pc devices?

Well, that ends this short post
'Til we next meet



Anonymous said...

Hey, I would've loved to study Graphic Design in college T_T We're the same age too, so that's pretty cool. I name a lot of my electronic devices, my laptop is an EePc and I call it Onigiri (cuz it's white ORIGINAL!) harhar <3 I prefer the pcs cuz I can navigate through it better, it's what I've had since I was a kid~

suki said...

@ Vixums. Oha, welcome to suki desho (^O^)/
Well, there's always time to study? If not, you could always consider doing a year in visual arts ^-^

Yays~ another pc fan who names their pc stuffs. I also find it better to use due to comfort, though lately I'm leaning to the Mac side as a strictly design laptop to have.

Q said...

I agree that there's a lot of fanboy/fangirlism over the Mac, claiming how "they've never looked back on PC ever since". I haven't really gone into the whole Mac thing so I don't really have much opinions of it.

I don't name my PC parts, partly because of the fact that they somehow have a short life expectancy under my hands. Having to say RIP to many stuff will be a bit too much for me........

hirobot said...

I'd love to have a mac. All my friends are raving about it. But the prices are beyond my budget right now.

NFN said...

I have a macbook pro. I love it ^_^ i found the swap from pc to mac pretty straight forward, however, i'm not doing anything tooooo complicated on it, such as graphic design :P

Other than that, I still have my pc. I prefer to write all my dvds via pc (sometimes the laser is too sensitive and doesn't like even slightly scratched disks) and watch stuff on it simply because mac can sometimes be a bit blah when it comes to anime in .mkv -_____- But, the one thing I do appreciate is the remote. Macbook pros come with this nifty remote that looks like a slim version of the old school ipod shuffles (remember the white ones?) and works with VLC, so one can sit across the room and play/pause/ffwd/rewind without getting up. SPIFFY!

<--Tarryn btw :P

Anonymous said...

Since it is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.............................................

blood on the mirror said...

Haha not a big Mac fan either XD

But I heard it's good for graphic design once you get the hang of it. Just not really sure why, but I've seen people who are good at art and still use Windows so...each to their own eh?