Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RL and the Otaku | Wanted figures now Unwanted | Oh noes! Full HDD


Eh he ^^; Trying to keep a 'regular' flow of updates now~ It's good to be back :3

Having recently gotten back in touch with an overseas net friend, we had an interesting topic in one email which I'd like to share here.
The question was, "Are you open with your hobbies or do you slowly warm up to people and then inform them?"

Personally, I tend to be the latter. Thankfully, people that I've come across have fairly understood and so that makes it much easier. Though, you do get people who immediately associate Ero stuffs with anime in general XD Even if you try to explain the difference... they just don't get it, lolols. Wonder what they think if they heard of eroge D:
What kind of experience do you have with your hobbies and the people around you in RL?

There's been a great amount of figures this year with a generally strong quality. Perhaps too much figures released this year? It's either that or the recession is eating at our hobbies XD; From the 50 or so figures that I've been drooling over, it has been cut to about halve that now >_>;;; The reason lay somewhere between availability issues, funds and eventual disinterest due to the former TwT
Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

Ending off with a rather amusing yet, sad event that I imagine all of us to have come across at some point XD Lots of stuff + HDD = Full HDD
Not good >_>;;
How do you counter the full HDD problem? Also, which type of backup do you prefer? (dvd,HDD, or...)

In the next post, I'll probably be covering my thoughts on Street Fighter 3 pc. If not, please expect something interesting ^W^~

Well, that ends this post
Till we next meet,


Q said...

I have a rather wide interest, but I tend to keep them to myself unless conversations between friends reveal common ground and interest. However, most of my friends tend to have a dislike against "otaku" culture, so we simply talk about Anime related stuff on a simple level (i.e. no ero stuff, or anything that's getting deeper into the water).

There sure are a lot of good figures this year, but at the same
time lots of delays as well. I am only planning to get one scaled one and that's it. As for HDD, I've bought a 1TB one recently, but still need to check its functionality. Otherwise not too much going on, other than that I need to go through a number of backlogs of various kinds.

Blowfish said...

Well Anime still has the Stigma of beeing Porn or Kids Stuff in the opinion of the general public over here.
I wont brag about collection,I wont try to hide it at all costs either.
I do get some weird looks because of the figures in the beginning though.

Its basically the same as collectiong cars but its not cars.I guess thats the problem people have with it XD

suki said...

@ Q. Hmm, approaching your friends in that manner seems more sensible than perhaps the way I deal with mine ^^

Ah, we're in the same boat regarding backlogs ^^;

@ Blowfish. Hmm, I find the experience the same way. Don't say too much but, not too quiet either. A neighbour recently saw my collection and he really liked it [he's about 48].

People tend to judge anything that is different >_>;;

"yuuno-kun" said...

All my good friends are otakus anyway, so no problem there XD