Wednesday, September 30, 2009

College | PC Mac battle! XD


Since College is now a big part of my life, I thought I'd share some bits on it every now and then. A few RL friends know well that I am not a Mac fan ^-^; As someone studying Graphic Design, it may seem blasphemous, lolols.

Honestly, I've had bad experiences with *real* Mad fanboys and fangirls so I've learned to slowly appreciate the Mac through my own opinion and not that of the general fan world.

Mac is pretty fun and simple though, I must admit that I'm pretty comfortable with my own personal customizations I've made in Windows. I guess I'm finicky about any OS really XD

Do you customize your pc settings to suit your preferences?

What are your thoughts on the Mac?

Click to enlarge, ne~

A screencap of the Mac I use at college. Lolols, have named my flash drive "Kyon" XD

Do you name your pc devices?

Well, that ends this short post
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mistakes in anime or Not part.3


Though on holiday, been sneaking between work and college ^^; So, as a treat, I've watched a bit of anime now and then [lies, it was withdrawal XD XD]

While watching K-On! episode 10, I noticed an animation error! **gasp gasp**
In the first picture, you'll see Ritsu wearing a yellow headband, which we see in most of the series.

In the second pic, however, she is wearing a white headband. The white headband is work the entire duration of episode 10. So the "phantom yellow headband" was a mistake, it seems.
Tsk tsk, what were the quality checkers doing ^_~

It certainly was a cute episode so, we won't hold the little error against the animators ^_^

Well, that ends this post
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RL and the Otaku | Wanted figures now Unwanted | Oh noes! Full HDD


Eh he ^^; Trying to keep a 'regular' flow of updates now~ It's good to be back :3

Having recently gotten back in touch with an overseas net friend, we had an interesting topic in one email which I'd like to share here.
The question was, "Are you open with your hobbies or do you slowly warm up to people and then inform them?"

Personally, I tend to be the latter. Thankfully, people that I've come across have fairly understood and so that makes it much easier. Though, you do get people who immediately associate Ero stuffs with anime in general XD Even if you try to explain the difference... they just don't get it, lolols. Wonder what they think if they heard of eroge D:
What kind of experience do you have with your hobbies and the people around you in RL?

There's been a great amount of figures this year with a generally strong quality. Perhaps too much figures released this year? It's either that or the recession is eating at our hobbies XD; From the 50 or so figures that I've been drooling over, it has been cut to about halve that now >_>;;; The reason lay somewhere between availability issues, funds and eventual disinterest due to the former TwT
Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

Ending off with a rather amusing yet, sad event that I imagine all of us to have come across at some point XD Lots of stuff + HDD = Full HDD
Not good >_>;;
How do you counter the full HDD problem? Also, which type of backup do you prefer? (dvd,HDD, or...)

In the next post, I'll probably be covering my thoughts on Street Fighter 3 pc. If not, please expect something interesting ^W^~

Well, that ends this post
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Year End | Catching Up | Promotion(s) | Okaeri, burogu-chan~


It has been a long time, my dear friends~ (^-^);;;
In the time of our lack of communication, what have you all been up to?
I do hope to catch up with all the blog entries I've missed, truly m(_ _)m

With a little more than a month left of the first year of my Graphic Design course it's hard to believe that so much time has gone by. Just two more years and then I'll have my Diploma and if all goes well, I hope to get my Bachelor of Arts degree overseas... perhaps too hopeful >.<;; For my readers, do you plan to study abroad? If you're already doing so, how do you find the experience? If there's one thing that college students' love, it has to be free items wwwww Having put a little money aside for an LCD monitor, I never expected for one to march my way, at no cost at all D: Yes, this had to be one of my greater material surprises since my Katana set XD Have you had any surprise gifts this year?

New monitor-chan~

As mentioned above, the end of my college year is approaching. Not only is this time for reflecting it's also a time to devote to my hobbies and other responsibilities. Will be relearning all the code I've managed to forget since I started college, attend a few LANs, grab that cup of Italian hot chocolate I've been craving, go on a date XD;;; wwwww only in VN games, Join the Kenjutsu/Kyudo dojo, NEET mode, catch up on anime and manga, tie up personal art projects and finally, try to get my driver's license. Maybe I'll get a holiday job too, who knows... >_>;;;

With many big plans ahead and at least 3 months holiday ahead of me, I hope to spend it wisely with everyone *___*
If you've figured a rough plan for the holiday, what do you have in mind?

Well, that ends this post
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