Thursday, July 31, 2008



Last weekend, a few local Otaku and I had a meetup. It was the first meetup for this particular group but, the planning was definitely better than most XD
The day consisted of a trip to the arcade, bowling and then lunch at an Italian restaurant. Apparently, eating out at various fast food places is also on the list of activities.

Strange enough, when surrounded by fellow Otaku... you reek of Otakuness XD

Inspired by this picture:

A long chase, to try and have my bowling name changed to Haruhi…but, alas... I was just a number OTL
Closed space may have appeared, poor Koizumi didn't even get to finish his McDonalds as bowler 'Haruhi' sucked at bowling that day.

She had fun though ^_~

Well, that ends a weird and random ‘Life’ post! I will be collecting my figures today, so expect a photo shoot tomorrow ^-^

Till we next meet,

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Patience really is a virtue!

[Tasukete, Eirin!]


I didn't expect to post so soon but, here I am ^-^
After catching up with the posts on Danny Choo, I stumbled across this article:
Oh My Goddess

As usual, Danny Choo has the amazing ability to motivate others and appeal to their hobbies while not offending them (something that hobbyists are probably prone to experiencing).
In this post, he mentions a previous experience and touches on the value of being aware of ones weaknesses. This may be common knowledge to some but, for for most of us, this is a useful moment to reflect on what *we* need to do to better ourselves as people.
There were very interesting answers, a good note that most people are aware of what they need to improve.

This is what makes Danny Choo's site different, I believe. He has an ability and uses it for good. Educating, motivating and socialising with his readers. I doubt that we can think of many people who do that!

Strange enough, reading the post also brought on a few past memories that, were left in the archives for quite some time.
I may decide to share it later, whether there is an interest or not XD
Essentially it is a trip to the past but, there may be something useful in it.

A final note on the title, "Patience really is a virtue!"

~"Waiting for something is praiseworthy but, waiting and applying ones efforts is admirable."~ (suki)

Until we next meet,

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buy, buy, buy & Covers


After reading several blogs, I've come to realise that as hobbyists (Otaku, if you prefer), spend a great amount of money on the objects of our desire. If presented the opportunity to take a second chance at choosing an item from a certain store, would you take the chance? Personally, I try to control my hobby by limiting my spending during the month. The best way is to find a supplier that suits your taste! [This is easier said than done]

Are there any new local suppliers in your area? Do you have contact that will be travelling overseas?
On another note, I thought I’d take the time to bring up musical covers. How do you feel about them? A popular song, "God Knows" made popular by seiyuu and singer Hirano Aya has been covered by Momoi Haruko. Fairly old news but, there are preferences even among favorites, isn't that pretty. I feel like a bad fan ^^; [I prefer the Momoi Haruko version more]

Well, this ends another post. I'm sill uncertain about my blogging format but, if this is even a bit interesting for someone, I’d
be overjoyed ^o^


Friday, July 25, 2008

Headphones are Moe|More figs on their way


This is a post from 'Life', 'Music' and 'Moe' catergory, since I thought I'd share a bit with you ^_~
Perhaps one of the more underestimated devices, headphones were seen as products. Being a product and therefore an item to sell, it needed beauty as the demand for it increased. The turnover from simple headphones to drool-worthy headphones started from that decision. In the end, we really are... Victims to marketting stratergy? Maybe Love for gadgets? Yes Love for headphones? YES! A few pics :3

Finally, a local store has updated their merch! Predicted spoils:
~Nendoroid Haruhi
~Mecha Musume vol.3
~Strike Witches vol.1

If these items are in stock, expect a photoshoot next week!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vocaloid, huh?


Not too long ago, I was completely clueless about the programme Vocaloid and it's respective mascots. As we all know, once something becomes popular on the internet, it gets spread far and wide, seemingly stalking you XD

Well, this is what stopped me from involving myself with Vocaloid.
Possibly the worst choice, as I'm a fan of music, the process of making music and related matters.

It was bound to happen, sooner or later.

And, so it did.

Now, I am stalking after a copy of Vocaloid.. strange enough. I'm slowly gaining upgraded sound equipment and hope to experiment with more traditional methods but, it can't hurt to go digital ^_~

On the note of Vocaloid, Kagamine twins win over Miku, for me (^o^)b


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rain & Thoughts


Along with thousands of rain droplets, my mind was buzzying with thought yesterday.
Strange how rainy weather makes people reflect >.< It's so peaceful. An example of the weather in my city, as you can see.. it was storming! Perhaps not the best picture but, enjoy!
[Pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them ^^]

Sadly, here ends a somewhat normal and bland Life post. Do expect more Otaku-related posts as time goes by ^_~


Monday, July 14, 2008

Gifts from Malysia? Joy!


All the way from Malaysia, comes great gifts! It was about two weeks back, an aunt of mine (and her family) decided to spend their holiday in the East. I was invited along but, due to work and other life events, I was unable to go T__T

A list was made, directions were given and these are the fruits of those actions ^-^

Seems like art books are becoming a new collecting habit XD


Friday, July 11, 2008

Pics of spoils from the oh-so-far discount store


I present, pics from the previous roadtrip! Perhaps a miracle, perhaps conincidence... somehow, my camera found the will to work XD
It's not a *great* camera but, as I got it for nothing, I'm not complaining XD
I'll take the blame for the quality of the pics, however, as I have never really made time to improve my knowledge of taking photographs. I am willing to learn, so please bear with me during this time.
Onto the pics!


Merch, normal view

Merch, zoomed in

Tifa Figurine

RahXephon booklet

Kiki's Delivery Service dvd,alternate cover

Hopefully that was a somewhat interesting look at what merchandise I had gotten (for 50% off) XD
If not, please let me know what else you'd like to see or close your eyes, lolols >.<


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Merch at 50% off?!


This post was supposed to be detailed... with pics and everything! Alas, my cell phone software and pc don't seem to be seeing eye-to-eye and as a result, I can't extract pictures T_T
Will borrow a camera sometime, to put something up at least ^_~

Onto the story!
Last Saturday, a group of local, fellow hobbyists(Otaku) went on a roadtrip to a far away little district. In this district, a businessman had his share of troubles and need to rid his stock. Said stock retailed 50% less than their 'usual' price.

We entered the store, searching every inch and grabbing what we deemed interesting. I walked in and grabbed as I passed each counter, filling the entire till area ^^;
It was a good move, boldly grabbing ^^; I got some good spoils that day and with the offer still standing for a week or so, there seems to be a few more items left. I'll wait a bit and if the opportunity presents itself, I'll try to get the Boogiepop manga this time around!

Spoils of the Day:
~ RahXephon Box Set Slimpack
~ RahXephon Movie - Pluratina's Concertino
~ Porco Rosso
~ Kiki's Delivery Service
~ Grave of the Fireflies
~ Tifa figurine
This came to about R685.50 ... that's about US$90, I guess?
Not sure how much cheaper this works out to for others but, I saved quite a bit!

Oh, we found the figure retailer of our city, so they had the sweeties for real cheap! It was hard to be restrained from the Stormtrooper figures, Death Star Lego structure and other moe-moe figurines ^^;
Even with all that, however, we had a great time! Seeing each other again, having cake to celebrate our dear friend's day of birth and generally being together again ^-^

That ends this entry. I do hope that it was informative ^^;
If I could improve my entries, please let me know! Requests for articles works well too XD


Monday, July 7, 2008

The weekend of reunions and sad wallets... Merch GET!

As the title says, my weekend was filled with reunions and spending!
Pics and full details to be expected soon!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cleaned up

So, I cleaned things up a bit.. not much to change, really ^^;
Hoping to sort my link list and try to gain some feeds next, so look forward to that!

Also, do give this flash vid a look... it's pretty funny!

Touhou Sweets! ~The Cruel Sisters and the Suffering Maid~

For those interested, here's the mp3 ^-^
Innocent Key - Touhou Sweets